TVXQ Trio JaeChunSu to Form New Unit + China Court: “TVXQ Has Nothing To Do With The Cosmetics Company Promotion”

Read first piece of news yesterday but had no time to post (was studying for today’s exam XD) about JaeChunSu creating a new unit (i dunno whether to cry or be excited) and China’s court decision regarding the whole cosmetics lawsuit w/ DBSK.

Regarding the first piece of news…I sort of…can’t believe it. Like…uh..what? I thought you 5 said you’d stay together no matter what, and now 3 of you have gone and created a new unit? I’m wondering if they’re actually signed as a new separate group with Avex though. All us fans can do is hope that it’s temporary and that they’ll become 5 as 1 again. If they really do split though…best of luck to all of them (even though I’ll be devastated) because they all have got their own thing going on and deserve to be successful either way. Until the final court decision has been made and an official statement from DBSK comes out, nothing is set in stone, right?
For the next piece of news, it’s good news =D Some optimistic news right after this…well in my opinion, rather meh piece of news. The court rejected all of the applications submitted by the applicant Beijing Kowloon Station Inc. “TVXQ’s 3 members has nothing to do with the cosmetics company promotion and this was ultimately confirmed by the China Court.” ^^ At least this is something to be happy about!

[NEWS] 100415 TVXQ Trio to Form New Unit

April 15, 2010, 10:01am

The three of the five members of TVXQ (aka Tohoshinki), who sued SM Entertainment last year to void their contract, have formed a new group in Japan under Avex agency.

Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun will be working as a new unit more than a week after Avex announced that Tohoshinki would be suspending their activities in Japan. Avex is Tohoshinki’s management agency in Japan.

The announcement on the formation of the new unit was announced by Tohoshinki’s Japanese fan club Bigeast.

The new chapter in the TVXQ saga comes just two days after SM Entertainment, the boy band’s agency in South Korea, filed a case against the three before the Seoul Central District Court to question the preliminary decision of the court last year, which indefinitely suspended the contracts of Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun with SME and allowed them to work on their own.

In addition, SME is seeking 2.2 billion won (about $2 million) from the three for the cancellation of a concert in China and commercial endorsements.

Avex has put up a new webpage for the three under its Rhythm Zone record label website to announce their first event.

On the website, the three did not use “TVXQ” or “Tohoshinki” to identify themselves but only used their names to avoid any legal dispute.

As a new group, their first activity is the Thanksgiving concert that will be held on June 5 and 6 at Kyocera Dome in Osaka and June 12 and 13 at the Tokyo Dome.

Fans of TVXQ, who are still reeling from the previous announcement about the suspension of the boy band’s activites in Japan, are saddened with this new development.

“I want to be positive but this absolutely breaks my heart. I don’t know what to say… Always Keep the Faith,” fan with the handle Keiyashi commented on onetvxq.com, the international TVXQ fan forum.

“I saw this coming, yes… but it’s so sudden. I can’t even think of words to express what I feel,” wrote another fan with the username Miss Ying.

In July last year, Yoochun, Junsu and Jaejoong sued SM Entertainment to void what they call their “slave contracts.”

The other two TVXQ members, U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, did not join the three in the contract lawsuit and have remained committed to SME.

The case is pending in a Seoul court.

Source: Manila Bulletin Websites and Publications
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com

[TRANS] 100416 China Court: “TVXQ Has Nothing To Do With The Cosmetics Company Promotion”

SM Entertainment had attributed the main reason for the “TVXQ’s Lawsuit” to be the cosmetics investment business by some of the TVXQ’s members and used this reason as justification to propose a 2.2 billion won in damages from the 3 members.

The declaration that SM Entertainment had submitted to Seoul Central District Court on 14th April claimed that “Some TVXQ members had invested in a cosmetic company which resulted to be the beginning of the conflict. They have used TVXQ’s name and portrait without the company’s consent and that have violated the exclusive contract. However, they denied the effectiveness of the exclusive contract and proposed the disposition for the effectiveness of the termination of the exclusive contract”. During November last year, China Beijing Kowloon Station Century Culture Communication Co. Ltd* (Gao Jian Wen, Representative. Also known as Beijing Kowloon Station Inc.) had used “The fraud of Crebeau which is the collaboration between TVXQ’s 3 members and Korea Cosmetics Company, Wisyaplus had caused their damages” as the reason to apply for legal action for the damages compensation at the District Court. Recently, the cosmetics company, Wisyaplus announced that “Beijing Haidian District People’s Court rejected the Beijing Kowloon Station Inc’s claims” and revealed the China Court’s arbitration decision documents.

According to the open verdict, the court had rejected all the arbitration applications from the applicant (Beijing Kowloon Station Inc.) and the applicant will bear all the costs for the arbitration (38,470 yuan = 5,635 USD). TVXQ’s 3 members has nothing to do with the cosmetics company promotion and this was ultimately confirmed by the China Court. And SM Entertainment have been using the photos of the 3 members attending the investment seminars to suspect if the 3 members had directly or indirectly carry out promotional activities.

On the other hand, the cosmetic company’s representative, President Kang Suk-won had expressed towards the accusation of SM Entertainment attributing the main cause of the TVXQ’s lawsuit with the members’ cosmetics business that “The police investigation has already shown that the reason behind the TVXQ’s lawsuit has nothing to do with the cosmetics. However, SM Entertainment once again entangled with it. Therefore, our company will propose a reputation damage lawsuit again for the third time”.

President Kang Suk-won claimed that “The reasons why TVXQ’s 3 members had filed a lawsuit towards SM Entertainment are because of the unfair contractual relationship and unjust distribution of income distribution. This fact has been ruling in the injunction application and it was confirmed. However, such behaviour seems to have become a kind of inertia for SM Entertainment in order to rescue its company reputation”.

Wisyaplus had already filed the reputation damage and impede business lawsuit towards SM Entertainment twice in August and November last year. Seoul Gangnam Police Department investigation ended in February and make the decision of without detention and transfer investigation towards SM Entertainment representative, Kim Youngmin. At that point of time, the police had already made a judgement that “The lawsuit of ending the long term exclusive contracts requested by TVXQ’s 3 members had nothing to do with the cosmetics investment”.

*(T/N: This is the rough translation of the company name as I can’t find the English name for it)

Source: DNBN + www.jaetime.com + vandyxu527 @ TVXQbaidubar
Translation: sicashinki @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }


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