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moonlightunes K-celeb Twitter Following List

This is a truly RANDOM post. I’m getting right back to work after this. It’s just that Gahee from After School got Twitter and I am weirdly estatic LOLZ XD Probably because I have a huge girl crush on her; she’s so prettyyyyy and dances so well and her singing is good GAAAAAAAH <3 So here’s just a compiled list of kpop celeb Twitters that I’m following. There are MORE, but if I’m not big enough a fan I didn’t decide to follow. I am LOVING this k-celeb Twitter trend! Cuz me2day is way to complicated for me (and in Korean too >.<) I love that more and more kpop stars are joining Twitter. There’s a lot of fake ones floating around though, so WATCH OUT! I’ll probably update this list.

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A few things:
NO SNSD members have Twitters, neither do DBSK members. Most of 2PM  and 2AM have twitters and there is an official 2PM twitter as well. Almost all the Super Junior members now have Twitter.

Most of them tweet only in Korean, but some actually tweet in English (which is freaking awesome) So if they tweet only in Korean (from what I’ve seen from their tweets up to the last edit), I’ll leave a (K) next to the names.

My Twitter =P

My Following List


of 2AM
Jo Kwon of 2AM
Jinwoon of 2AM (K)

Nichkhun of 2PM
Junsu of 2PM
Taecyeon of 2PM
Junho of 2PM

Gahee of After School –> oh well i wonder why i have a girlcrush on her? (sarcastic) just look at this gorg pic of HER! (K)
Bekah of After School

Seung Ho of MBLAQ
G.O. of MBLAQ (K)
Mir of MBLAQ

Jea of Brown Eyed Girls (K)
Miryo of Brown Eyed Girls
Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls (K)

JiYoung of KARA (K)
Gyuri of KARA (K)
Nicole of KARA

Donghae of Super Junior
Siwon of Super Junior
Sungmin of Super Junior (K)
Heechul of Super Junior (K)
Eeteuk of Super Junior
Yesung of Super Junior (K)
Eunhyuk of Super Junior
Ryeowook of Super Junior (K)
Henry of Super Junior-M

Kevin of U-KISS
Alexander of U-KISS
Eli of U-KISS
Dongho of U-KISS

Doojoon of BEAST (K)

Jiheon of V.O.S. (K)

Tablo of Epik High

Kang Min Kyung of Davichi (K)

Nami of Black Pearl (K)

Eunjung of T-ara (K)



Jay/Jaebum Park (ex-2PM member)


Seo In Kook


Lee Ji Hye (ex-S#arp member) (K)



Chaeyeon (K)

Brian Joo (ex-Fly to the Sky member)

Uhm Jung Hwa (K)

Yoon Eun Hye (K)

Goo Hye Sun (K)

Lee Junki


About moonlightunes

from HKG > YVR > YUL > YYC 23 year old Hong Konger/Canadian with love for clothes and makeup, and always looking for a good bite!


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