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Yunho (DBSK) in Evisu for May Issue of Nylon Magazine [Super HOT!!!]

Yunho in Evisu for May issue of Nylon mag =D He looks smoking hot. It looks like he dyed his hair a lighter colour as well. Or it might just be the lighting that makes his hair look lighter. Cuz in one of the pics, his hair is REALLY light coloured compared to his hair in other pics.  I’m digging these Evisu outfits. Well not EVERYTHING but for most part the clothes are good and Yunho rocks them =P I love that he wears converses. Muaha I’m a converse lover =P I’ve only got two pairs (black fabric and white leather) but I plan on buying another pair or two this summer. They just go well with a lot of clothes. Speaking of which, I need to buy another pair of jeans.  Oh, and I spotted some rly nice tops on Gmarket. They’re only 7800 won for the top and basic tank top (not including shipping) =D And nooooow I’m going off topic. BACK TO YUNHOOO (his sexy back that is LOLZ)

His jeans are freaking nice! Really nice wash on the jeans. The pics where he’s pretending to spray paint the wall are hot. And the one of him leaning against the wall with his eyes closed is rly nice too. I’m a little irked by the pic of him with the girl on his shoulder. Not because the girl’s there, but because of his shorts. Those are some ugly shorts. IMO, guys should only wear shorts that go past their kneews. And they should NOT be bright blue. Nice kicks though. Nike high tops are nice. And him on the bike. HAHA he looks so kiddy. Hot kid LOLZ. Not really sure what to say about those jean capris though o.o Or those ‘lego’ shorts XD And the hoodie above. Design is o.o BUT. Whatever. Overlook those and just look at his face, and it’s aaall good =P

credit: frapbois + reup: moonlightunes
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