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[100419] Mnet A-Live Performances w/ G.O (MBLAQ) + J + Mate + Jung Yeop (Brown Eyed Soul)

Recently a series of A-Live singles have been released. What they are is beasically recordings of various artists singing live on a Mnet show called A-Live. The most recent single released featured indie band Mate, G.O from MBLAQ, Jung Yeop of Brown Eyed Soul and J. Here’s two performances I found on YT from the episode on the 19th of April.

They are all SO amazing. I’ve always loved J since I first heard her album in 2007; she’s just so underrated! I adore her voice! Jung Yeop sounds great as usual (no DUH he’s in BES!) As for G.O; I always knew he was the vocally strongest in MBLAQ, but I wasn’t sure how vocally strong (like Taeyeon’s the strongest in SNSD in terms of vocals but in comparison to certain other singers, she’s not so good). He’s not bad but not ‘ZOMG AMAZING!!!’ either…ANYWAY, watch watch watch! Listen listen listen! =D

J (also known as J.ae) & Jung Yeop (Brown Eyed Soul) with ‘사르르’

G.O (MBLAQ) & J with ‘Even if We Can’t Speak of the End’.

G.O (MBLAQ) & Jung Yeop (Brown Eyed Soul) with ‘You Are My Lady’

4 more perfs under the cut.

Jung Yeop (Brown Eyed Soul) with ‘Nothing Better’

Mate & J with ‘It’s Alright’

J with ‘Love’

Mate with ‘우울한 너에게’


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