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[100427] MV + Preview w/ SNSD + FT Island + T-ara

For today…

SNSD’s MV/CF for LG Cooky
~~the song’s a remake of ‘Micky’. instead, they say ‘Cooky’
~~sorry but…waaay too much sweetness and cuteness for me to handle. it’s extremo cute. nauseating cute. for me anyway. my friend Chris was just like ‘it’s soo ADORABLE!’ *rolls eyes*

F.T Island’s Promo Teaser for ‘Flower Rock’
~~they’ve released singles and an album in Japan but I guess those weren’t considered their official Japan debut…so now they’re OFFICIALLY debuting in Japan. not that i’m complaining. more awesome music =D
~~just so you know, the name ‘Flower Rock’ is weird but from the kanji I see, it means rock as in rock music, and flower as in like flower boy, pretty boys  LOL

T-ara’s MV Preview to ‘We are the One’
~~theme song for the World Cup 2010. the full song will be out on the 1st of May

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