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F.Cuz ft. Yao Yao for ‘Jiggy (Chinese version)’

I wasn’t even going to post today LOL but then I saw this while doing my daily round of music updates…

Yes. F.Cuz is singing ‘Jiggy’ in Mandarin Chinese with what’s-her-face, Yao Yao. She’s a Taiwanese singer…*cough* Yea if you can’t tell, I don’t like her. I don’t like her voice when she sings, and I HATE her voice when she talks. I watched her as a special guest on a HK (TVB) game show called Beautiful Cooking and I wanted to shut her up because she has this seriously annoying cutesy high pitched voice that is most likely not possible to be ANYONE’s voice. Plus she wouldn’t stop singing the main lines to that horrible song of hers. I can’t even remember the song name but it was something along the lines of ‘ai ai de bao bao’??? I think some guys might defend her because she has a big chest… Most people are pretty sure she got surgery for those. AND NO, I AM NOT JEALOUS. WHY DO PEOPLE ALWAYS THINK IF YOU DON’T LIKE SOMEONE, YOU’RE JEALOUS OF THEM? I really can’t stand her and her annoying voice, so ya I’m just going to stop now. Wow I totally ranted there LOLZ.

ANYWAY, WHAT IS F.CUZ DOING GOING BACK TO ‘JIGGY’?! AND WITH THIS GIRL TOO?! (LOL I just started again XD) Their Mandarin is meh/ok I guess…cringe-worthy accents though as usual from most Korean singers who try to speak Chinese. Just…no. No. F.Cuz, stay away from that girl. And maybe get more established in Korea first…I had no idea they’d be advancing into the Chinese market…


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12 thoughts on “F.Cuz ft. Yao Yao for ‘Jiggy (Chinese version)’

  1. Omg i so agree with you, i dont like her and ive watched beautiful cooking too and her song and her high pitch voice is so annoying! why dont she speak in her ordinary voice? geez! oh and yes F.Cuz should definately stay away from the chinese market since they havent debuted for that long. I mean if they were to go in the chinese market atleast they could’ve found some better, maybe like rainie yang?

    Posted by Serena | 100429, 6:09 PM
  2. Do you have the lyrics or eng translation for the chinese version?

    Posted by Anon | 100503, 5:38 PM
  3. yeah.. i don’t even know about this, i loved jiggy in korean but i’m not digging this in chinese plus the girl makes no sense in this video.. her dancing is not that good and when they are together on screen it feels so awkward.. i’m guessing they are trying to send them to the chinese market because they haven’t done that great in korea with their latest single.. but em… makes no sense to me!.. btw i loved ur ranting

    Posted by khalanita | 100503, 6:50 PM
    • woot! nice to know other people agree with me =D
      @Serena: hm true, if they wanted to advanced to the Chinese market, they could’ve at least chosen someone with a better image and matched the song…
      @khalanita: YES I KNOW her dancing is so awkward!!! especially because she’s wearing this ultra cutesy short dress and heels XD and hahaha thanks! feels good to know people actually read my rants LOLZ

      Posted by moonlightunes | 100503, 7:41 PM
  4. Can anyone help me find or link me to the pinyin lyrics? D: pleasse

    Posted by Raysa | 100511, 7:22 PM
  5. Is there pin yin available for this song?

    Posted by Necro | 100516, 3:42 AM
  6. I prefer the korean one more
    Her voice is quite annoying too D:

    Posted by Kim | 100516, 5:04 AM
  7. AGREED! Yaoyao is an annoying bitch. I hate that stupid voice of her’s. And, her chest is abnormally huge for a nineteen years old girl. -.- And, how can she even sing w that voice? Gosh.

    Posted by VIVIEN | 100808, 3:31 PM


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