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e.via’s ‘Shake!’ MV is #1 and Gaining Attention

Petite rapper e.via released her new mini album Must Have and the MV to her title track, ‘Shake!’ yesterday. It’s been getting a lot of attention from netizens. She went up to #1 on GomTV Some are saying it’s inappropriate and others think it’s ok. I think it’ll probably get banned XD Her company said “We didn’t know that the MV will cause a problem since the song is a fast club tune and the concept goes well with it.” RIIIGHT LOL I highly doubt so. I’m sure they knew this would create a lot of buzz. Anyway, e.via’s company are editing and even thinking of refilming it.

Anyway, I watched this yesternight and I have to say at first my face was like this= o.O and then o.o…But admittedly the song is catchy, and that girl can rap! She’s really quite a rapper. But ya about the girls in the MV…wow XD That girl in black looks uber awkward. I think the only girl that isn’t awkward to look at is the girl in orange…but then it gets awkward just because I’m looking at girls shaking their butts XDDDD I do think though, she needs to get better songs and lyrics…rapping about shaking butts…hmmm


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3 thoughts on “e.via’s ‘Shake!’ MV is #1 and Gaining Attention

  1. People are so stupid complaining about the butt shaking. This is what people do at clubs. What’s the deal? All you complainers don’t know how to shake and dance? If they ban this on korean TV, then koreans are really so LAME.

    Posted by shaker.dancer | 100502, 11:07 AM
  2. Yes it happens at clubs, but that’s not the point. The thing is, things you’d do at clubs are not always appropriate in broad daylight, in public, to a general population. You must also remember this is Korea, not Europe or America. Every country has different norms and you cannot force your own norms onto another society or culture. They think differently.
    But I think the main issue is not the butt shaking; it’s what they’re wearing. Or rather, the lack of what they’re wearing.

    Posted by moonlightunes | 100502, 2:11 PM


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