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SS501 Reveals Full ‘Love Ya’ MV

SS501’s ‘Love Ya’ MV has been revealed! Just watched it and I can say I’m loving the dance break!!! THe MV does the song justice; it’s really quite good. Exception of the scene where they’re on the ‘balcony’ and you see the backdrop. The backdrop extremely weird and fake XD

Blast from the Past: Seeya + Davichi + Black Pearl – Blue Moon

Most of you kpop followers should know SeeYa and Davichi, but have you ever heard of Black Pearl? They’re less known but they’re under the same company as them. The three groups came together two years ago in May 2008 to sing a track called ‘Blue Moon’ for a single called Color Pink. A series … Continue reading

Dream Concert 2010: Hyori Lee + 2PM + Wonder Girls + SNSD + Super Junior etc.

SBS broadcasted the Dream Concert instead of Inkigayo, so here are the perfs. I have yet to watch ANY of these, so ya, no comment. And SBS didn’t air all the perfs btw, so don’t be surprised if you saw fancams of some perfs that weren’t aired. This includes both SS501 and Rain’s performances. Opening … Continue reading

Big Bang & 2NE1 @ MTV VMAJ + Performances

Big Bang was at MTV World Stage Video Music Awards Japan where they won Best New Artiste Video Award and Best Pop Video Award. G-Dragon also won Best Collaboration with w-inds for ‘Rain is Fallin” (love that song =P and w-inds too). Congrats to them! In addition, 2NE1 was there as international guests and performed … Continue reading

[100529] MBC Music Core: Wonder Girls + Rain Goodbye Stages

OH MY GOD im so pissed off right now my uber retard of a desktop computer restarted by itself and i did not save my pre-made schedules for registration for the upcoming semesters!!! crkawecgbrbheajwrc yeah i rly needed to get that out cuz i wanna stab my desktop right now. i should’ve just done the … Continue reading

[100528] KBS Music Bank: Rain’s Goodbye Stage + Hwayobi’s Comeback

Rain’s Goodbye Stage with ‘Hip Song’ ~~thank god he’s wearing this instead of the ugly costumes he wore previously -Hwayobi’s Comeback with ‘Bye Bye Bye’ ~~i rly like Hwayobi ^^ she sounds great. her dress is awfully short though XD ~~on a random note…SONG JOONG KI <33 aka the male MC aka hot doctor in … Continue reading

SS501 Reveals Second MV Teaser for ‘Love Ya’

SS501 released yet another MV teaser for ‘Love Ya’!  This time it’s a 1min 45s version. I’m liking the choreo! Hyped?

T-Max’s ‘Words That I Can Say’ MV Released

T-Max released their comeback MV for ‘Words That I Can Say’! I’m watching it now so no comment. Yunhwa, is in the army, just so you guys know. This is why he’s not here.

Yuya Matsushita’s ‘Agitation’ MV + Performance

Yuya Matsushita is coming out with his first album I Am Me on June 2nd! ^^ Knew about this for a while and I’ve been waiting for a new MV to come out. Though there aren’t a lot of new songs on the album (most of them were from his past singles), I’m not complaining … Continue reading

Kanji + Romanji + Translated Lyrics to Xiah Junsu (DBSK)’s Solo Single XIAH

Lyrics to Xiah Junsu (DBSK)’s debut solo single, XIAH ^^ Includes kanji, romanji, and translations =P Enjoy! 02 Source: leleexx @ youtube Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! } 03 Source: coupleyoosu @ youtube Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One … Continue reading