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[100501] MBC Music Core – Hyori Lee + 2PM Comebacks + 2AM Goodbye Stage

Hyori Lee’s Comeback with ‘Bring it Back’ ft. Bekha (After School) & JiYoon (4Minute) + ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’
~~oooh i’m glad she’s perf-ing ‘Bring it Back’ =D they look fierce! so many backup dancers though o.o
~~still not digging her eyebrow/eye makeup XD

-2PM’s Comeback Stage with ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’ + ‘Without U’
~~great job for them today. better than their previous 2 comeback stages
~~still hating Khun’s hair for ‘Without U’ and Chansung’s stupid little headband >.<
-2AM's Goodbye Stage with 'I Did Wrong'
-After School with 'Let's Do It!' + 'Bang!'
-Epik High with 'Run'
-Secret with 'Magic'
-BEAST with 'Shock'
-U-KISS with 'What'
-ZE:A with 'All Day'
-K.Will ft. Junhyung (BEAST) with 'Present'

2PM’s Comeback Stage with ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’ + ‘Without U’

2AM’s Goodbye Stage with ‘I Did Wrong’

After School with ‘Let’s Do It!’ + ‘Bang!’

Epik High with ‘Run’

Secret with ‘Magic’

BEAST with ‘Shock’

U-KISS with ‘What’

ZE:A with ‘All Day’

K.Will ft. Junhyung with ‘Present’


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