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Drama Review: The Man Who Can’t Get Married Starring Ji Jin Hee + Uhm Jung Hwa + Kim So Eun + Yoo Ah In + Yang Jun Ah

Name: 결혼 못하는 남자
Chinese Name: 不能结婚的男人
English Name: The Unmarried Man/The Man Who Can’t Get Married
Year: 2009
Genre: Rom-Com
Episodes: 16
-Ji Jin Hee (Dong Yi, Dae Jang Geum) as Cho Jae Hee
-Uhm Jung Hwa (Tropical Nights in December) as Jang Moon Jung
-Kim So Eun (Boys Over Flowers) as Jung Yoo Jin
-Yoo Ah In (Sharp 1, Antique Bakery) as Park Hyun Kyu
-Yang Jun Ah (The King and I) as as Yoon Ki Ran

Cho Jae Hee is a 40 year old renowned architect with his own firm, and has yet to be married. He’s a clean freak, loves classical music, eating meat, and prefers to be left alone. He claims he does not care for marriage or dating; it’s hinted that he has never been in a relationship and is a virgin. He is a sort of an oddball, with weird habits and a quirky personality. Enter Jang Moon Jung, a 40 year old single doctor who has also yet to be married. Unlike Jae Hee, she’s looking for marriage, but does not wish to marry just anybody. She’s looking for the right person while her dad, a dentist, rushes her to get married and start a family. She works at the hospital and often takes others’ shifts in addition to working past her own shifts. Due to a series of events, her life becomes intertwined with Jae Hee as he begins to see her for medical attention almost everyday. Jung Yoo Jin is a 26 year old who moves into the apartment next to Jae Hee’s for a period of six months; her uncle is away and she is taking care of it. She has a faithful chihuahua Sang Gu, and has a lazy boyfriend who failed his civil service exam three years in a row. Park Hyun Kyu is an aspiring architect who works for Jae Hee. He hopes to be as successful as Jae Hee one day, whom he sort of idolizes (which is why he puts up with his odd temper and runs his errands). He meets Yoo Jin in a hospital incident involving Jae Hee, and quickly chases after her, asking her on a date. This is also when she meets Moon Jung, who she becomes friends with despite the age gap. Though not mentioned, it is assumed he is 26 as well. Yoon Ki Ran works with Hyun Kyu and Jae Hee; she is around Jae Hee’s age as well, and also is single. She has known Jae Hee for eight years and is his “office wife”. In other words, she’s like his wife at work; cleaning up after him, fixing up situations he causes, as you’ll see VERY often throughout the drama.

Review and OST under the cut

Though I’ve never been a fan of watching drama with…well…a romance story about an older cast (it’s more like the sort of thing my mom would like XD), I really enjoyed this drama. Ji Jin Hee is an EXCELLENT actor; his depiction of Jae Hee throughout the drama was consistent and simply hilarious. He got down all the expressions, his reactions, and even adapted a particular walk/run that suited the character very well. There were so many hilariously (intentional) awkward moments that really made him stand out. This is the first drama I watched with him in it since the popular Dae Jang Geum. It was a pleasant surprise. Uhm Jung Hwa was a pleasant surprise as well; though her acting isn’t as stellar as Ji Jin Hee’s, she got her part down well and knew what she was doing. She had a nice chemistry with Jin Hee and balanced out Jin Hee’s outrageously awkward character. Kim So Eun is so pretty! I just had to get that out, sorry =P She’s one of my girl crushes. Her little romance with Yoo Ah In was really cute. Actually Yoo Ah In reminds me of G-Dragon from Big Bang for some reason. At some angles, his face reminded me of G-D. I really like him; he was adorable in the drama and I actually fangirled over him a bit hehe!
The storyline was nice; it didn’t drag on like some kdramas do and kept me interested. It progressed smoothly and though some parts were a bit predictable (I won’t say what, or I’d spoil it!), others were not so predictable and kept me on my toes. The drama is a remake of a jdorama called Kekkon Dekinai Otoko. I watched maybe one or two episodes of it, with my mom, and then we watched this Korean remake. We both agree that this remake is better. I know there are people who avoided this remake because they watched the original, or watched the remake and preferred the original, but I wasn’t one of these people. I enjoyed this remake much more than the original. I found this version funnier and like I said, I think Ji Jin Hee really got the character down.
I highly recommend this drama; you’ll definately get your worth of laughs and romance scenes, and if you’re sensitive, the rare cry. I actually did tear up =P But I’m sensitive.

I’m loving the OST ^^ I love Byul, who sang the theme song. And Shin Hye Sung’s ballad ‘You’re Beautiful’ is really, well, beautiful! =P Uhm Jung Hwa (of course) sings a track for the OST as well. There’s a song by a girl (group?) called Oh3 and it’s a fun cute pop track. It’s really cheerful. Nothing I’d listen to too often, but I envision the song when the weather’s super nice and sunny. I found the editing for insert songs for the drama was pretty good. There were a few instrumental tracks that worked SO well with the drama.

You’re Beautiful by Shin Hye Sung

Want to Love by Byul


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  1. I Like Fever Jin Ji Heee.

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