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Super Junior’s Comeback Song ‘Miinah’ MV Preview Released!

Super Junior is making a comeback with title track ‘Miinah’! There will only be 10 members confirmed for comeback as Kangin is going to enlist in the army, Kibum’s busy with acting (again) and well…Hankyung…lawsuit. They haven’t been able to reach him apparently.
Anyway, the song title means ‘beautiful women’ in Korean and the track’s composed by none other than Yoo Young Jin, who composed ‘Sorry Sorry’. Apparently it’s categorized in ‘SJ FUNKY (Super Junior Funky)’ genre (uhhh wtf? LOLZ). It’ll have house beats and will be revealed on the 10th. The full album’s out on the 13th and they’ll be making a comeback on the 14th, on KBS Music Bank.
About the teaser…hmm it looks really mysterious and the music sounds sorta…err..well mysterious LOL. I’m intrigued, that’s for sure.


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