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Showcase: Yuya Matsushita with ‘YOU’ + ‘Trust Me’ MVs

Had my last day of classes today! WOOT! SUMMER <3 Ok so I'm technically not OFFICIALLY done; I've got to write a 1250 word English paper for Monday and I've got a graphics assignment for Monday too…yeah I'm going back to school just to hand stuff in. Fun. But ya, I should be posting more often again.
Anyway, I recently got HOOKED onto a Japanese singer called Yuya Matsushita. Like I love him. He's a 19 year old singer who's not your typical jpop male artist. Rather than looking and sounding like your typical JE boys, he's under Epic Records Japan and is influenced by American hiphop/RnB music. I'm getting this Korean vibe from him too; he reminds me of Se7en and Taeyang…but more Se7en. He recently released a new single called YOU/Hallucination, which led me to go look up more songs from him. Currently I'm obsessed with his last single Trust Me. The title track 'Trust Me' was used as an ending theme song for an anime called Durara.
He's really cute, has a nice voice, raps well, is fit and not skinny like your average jpop guy, and dances SUPER well. And he dresses well =P I RECOMMEND HIM TO EVERYONE. Except he's mine. LOL.
But ya I got quite a few of my friends to watch his 'Trust Me' MV (below) and my bboy friend likes him as he dances well, another friend thinks he's really cute and he's really good, and another friend says his dancing is pretty sweet, and another friend said that he's really good as well. I watched his MV at least 5 times yesterday. Yes. That's right lmfao.
'Trust Me'



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