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[100508] MBC Music Core: Gummy + f(x)’s Comebacks + SNSD’s Goodbye

Gummy’s Comeback Stage with ‘There is No Love’ + ‘Because of You’ + ‘As a Man’
~~WOOT! i LOVE ‘Because of You’!!! it’s like my fave song on her album ^^ didn’t think she’d perform it (even though it was a very short perf)
~~powerful vocals and all, but a slight lack of emotion? ah well, it’s her first stage back. she’ll improve as she does more stages.

-f(x)’s Comeback Stage with ‘NU ABO’
~~Sulli looks adorable!
-SNSD’s Goodbye with ‘Run Devil Run’
-Soya n Sun with ‘Smiling Goodbye’
~~my friend LOVES this song. it’s really quite good
-2PM with ‘Without U’
-Hyori Lee with ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’
-After School with ‘Bang!’
~~mm…their perf yesterday was much better compared to today’s
-Jerry ft. Hyomin (T-ara) with ‘Love’
~~WAAAH I LOVE HER OUTFIT! and she’s better today. ~~yay! love these perfs from Jerry! LOLZ at the awks ending though…they held hands but it was awkwardly done XD
-Secret with ‘Magic’
-ZE:A with ‘All Day’
-BEAST with ‘Special’
~~if you’ve ever listened to the lyrics…and listen to it in a…pervy kind of way (LOLZ)…you’ll hear something…special HAHHA
-Rain with ‘Love Song’

f(x)’s Comeback Stage with ‘NU ABO’

SNSD’s Goodbye with ‘Run Devil Run’

Soya n Sun with ‘Smiling Goodbye’

2PM with ‘Without U’

Hyori Lee with ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’

After School with ‘Bang!’

Jerry ft. Hyomin (T-ara) with ‘Love’

Secret with ‘Magic’

ZE:A with ‘All Day’

BEAST with ‘Special’

Rain with ‘Love Song’


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