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[100516] SBS Inkigayo: 8eight + Super Junior + Davichi + Lee Jung Hyun + Lyn + NS YoonJi’s Comebacks + BEAST’s Goodbye Stage + Honey Dew’s Debut

8eight’s Comeback Stage with ‘The End is Coming’
~~i think i said this many times but…ZOMG I LOVE THEM AND THIS SONG!!! honestly, they’re such amazing singers. the end always moves me to tears!

-Super Junior’s Comeback with ‘Bad Woman (Boom Boom)’ + ‘Bonamana’
~~LOOOL AT HEECHUL FOR BONAMANA XD as my sister put it: “he looks like a hobo in the back” HAHAHHA! couldn’t stop laughing at his costume LOLZ
-Davichi’s Comeback with ‘Time Please Stop’
~~ahhh…so prettyyyy and such beautiful voices .< she sounds great though!
-NS YoonJi's Comeback with 'Don't Go Back'
~~MUCH better compared to her last comeback perfs…she has more emotion and is actually smiling. THANK YOU.
-2PM with 'Without U' + #1
~~another #1 for the boys. grats to them. hope Junsu and Wooyoung get better soon
-Rumble Fish with 'What Do I Do'
-December with 'Tears In Heaven'
~~nice performance from them. stage was rly nice too
-Gummy with 'As a Man'
-After School with 'Bang!'
-Hyori Lee with 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'
-f(x) with 'NU ABO'
-Rain with 'Hip Song'
~~he honestly needs to start singing more. he barely even sings -.- and i hate his costumes

Super Junior’s Comeback with ‘Bad Woman (Boom Boom)’ + ‘Bonamana’

Davichi’s Comeback with ‘Time Please Stop’

Lee Jung Hyun’s Comeback with ‘Suspicious Man’

BEAST’s Goodbye Stage with ‘Special’ + ‘Green Sports Song’ MV

Honey Dew’s Debut with ‘Like a Fool’

Lyn’s Comeback with ‘Honey, Sweetie, Darling’

NS YoonJi’s Comeback with ‘Don’t Go Back’

2PM with ‘Without U’ + #1

Rumble Fish with ‘What Do I Do’

December with ‘Tears In Heaven’

Gummy with ‘As a Man’

After School with ‘Bang!’

f(x) with ‘NU ABO’

Rain with ‘Hip Song’


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