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[100520] Mnet M! Countdown: Wonder Girls + MBLAQ + C.N. Blue + 4Minute Comebacks

Good performances on today’s Mnet M!  Countdown…

Wonder Girls’ Comeback Stage with ‘2 Different Tears’
~~this is SUCH a catchy song…the chorus is addictive. but i like the remix  a lot more.
~~improvement on vocals; great thing. Yeeun and Sunye sounded rly good. Hye Rim was :S in the beginning, got a bit better as the song progressed. I’m assuming it’s her nerves; it IS her first stage after all. Sohee improved but is still pitchy…ah well. Let’s see the next few comeback stages first.

-MBLAQ’s Comeback with ‘Y’ + ‘One Better Day’
~~have to admit their mini album is pretty good. and ‘Y’ is better than ‘Oh Yeah’ for sure.
~~dancing’s great as usual, and i like their clothes. and Joon…who eventually unbuttons his blazer to show off his abs. lolz no MBLAQ perf would be complete without him showing off his abs XDD
-C.N Blue’s Comeback with ‘Love’ + ‘Sweet Holiday’
~~ZOMG LOVE THEM fdakurvakwen <3333
-4Minute’s Comeback with ‘Who’s Next?’ ft. BEAST + ‘HuH’
~~i think ‘HuH’ is the best song they’ve come out with so far. i actually like it
~~seeing BEAST on there helps =P yar im totally KiKwang biased
-2PM with ‘Without U’
-Rain with ‘Hip Song’

MBLAQ’s Comeback with ‘Y’ + ‘One Better Day’

C.N Blue’s Comeback with ‘Love’ + ‘Sweet Holiday’

4Minute’s Comeback with ‘Who’s Next?’ ft. BEAST + ‘HuH’

2PM with ‘Without U’

Rain with ‘Hip Song’


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