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[100529] MBC Music Core: Wonder Girls + Rain Goodbye Stages

OH MY GOD im so pissed off right now my uber retard of a desktop computer restarted by itself and i did not save my pre-made schedules for registration for the upcoming semesters!!! crkawecgbrbheajwrc yeah i rly needed to get that out cuz i wanna stab my desktop right now. i should’ve just done the whole damn thing on my laptop of which i am on now <.< it’s just that i have a huge screen for my desktop and my laptop screen’s only 10 inches which is why i chose to do it on my laptop…BIG MISTAKE. GRRRR im not dealing with this tonight screw that!!! ANYWAY. Back to MuCore? XD

Wonder Girls’ Goodbye Stage with ‘2 Different Tears’
~~yes, already. they’re going on their tour in the States in June
~~still wishing that they didn’t have such a weird MV and dance choreo

-Rain’s Goodbye Stage with ‘Love Song’ + ‘Hip Song’
~~still wishing he’d come back without ruining a ballad with awks dance moves and sang more for ‘Hip Song’ without wearing the hideous costumes he had previously
-Super Junior with ‘Bonamana’
~~still disappointed by their album which sounds like old rehashed songs and the missing members…
-C.N. Blue with ‘Love’
~~still fangirling and spazzing over their awesomeness kekeee
-Davichi with ‘Time Please Stop’
~~still totally loving these two underated gorgeous woman with amazing vocals
-8eight with ‘The End is Coming’
~~still cryin at the end of their perfs D:
-MBLAQ with ‘Y’
~~still hoping they continue to improve
-After School with ‘Bang!’
~~still fangirling over Gahee LOLZ
-4Minute with ‘HuH’
~~still trying to match names to faces other than Hyuna
-f(x) with ‘NU ABO’
~~still finding the song sorta odd but getting hooked cuz it’s catchy
-Lee Jung Hyun with ‘Suspicious Man’
~~still thinking she should eat more but loving her
-Secret with ‘Magic’
~~still want them to get better songs and stop promoting ‘Mazic Magic’
-Rumble Fish with ‘What to Do’
~~still impressed by Rumble Fish
-NS YoonJi with ‘Don’t Go Back’
~~still wanting her to show more emotion and smile even more
-Double K with ‘Favourite Music’
~~still not anything because i didn’t listen to this song until now and I only listened one of their old songs ‘TV Star’ ft. Hwayobi

LOLZ. Ya. Obviously I decided to do a ‘still’ post. =P

Rain’s Goodbye Stage with ‘Love Song’ + ‘Hip Song’

Super Junior with ‘Bonamana’

C.N. Blue with ‘Love’

Davichi with ‘Time Please Stop’

8eight with ‘The End is Coming’

MBLAQ with ‘Y’

After School with ‘Bang!’

4Minute with ‘HuH’

f(x) with ‘NU ABO’

Lee Jung Hyun with ‘Suspicious Man’

Secret with ‘Magic’

Rumble Fish with ‘What to Do’

NS YoonJi with ‘Don’t Go Back’

Double K with ‘Favourite Music’


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