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Blast from the Past: Seeya + Davichi + Black Pearl – Blue Moon

Most of you kpop followers should know SeeYa and Davichi, but have you ever heard of Black Pearl? They’re less known but they’re under the same company as them. The three groups came together two years ago in May 2008 to sing a track called ‘Blue Moon’ for a single called Color Pink. A series of singles were released under the same series (Color Chocolate, etc.) but for different artists.
I first heard this song during May and I never watched the MV until I was vacationing in HK. I was watching an Arirang show that aired on the the International ATV channel which showed the K-chart that week, and some of the music videos. This happened to be aired. I immediately recognized the song (I loved Loved LOVED this song). I think you guys should recognize somebody in the MV…Chunhee! (he was in Family Outing, if you didn’t know…he also was in the recent kdrama Smile, You). The actress look super familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on who she is. It’s a typical drama-esque MV but what’d you expect with this type of song? I’m lurvin it either way =P
The song is really really good and catchy too. I listened to the song so much back then I knew all the lyrics by heart (even the rap) without never having once looked up lyrics. I’m one for powerful vocals, and this song has DEFINATELY got powerful vocals. It’s Seeya, Davichi and Black Pearl, after all!

I love these three groups so much!!! Too bad Black Pearl has almost completely disappeared…hopefully just a rly long hiatus?


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