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[100602] Sistar + Meisa Kuroki + Aira Mitsuki + IU

I feel like I don’t post much nowadays so I have an odd urge to post something but I have no idea what XD I guess I’ll start a journal sort of thing here? Not about my personal life but about music and dramas? LOLZ. Ok yea here I go.

Brand new Korean girlgroup Sistar released their first single today Push Push. They were apparently promoted as the second f(x)? I dunno I didn’t actually pay much attention to them. Korea is so raided with groups it’s crazy. I’d like to see more solo artists…thank god Son Dam Bi’s making a comeback soon since Hyori Lee and Rain have finished up. Anyway, the title track ‘Push Push’ isn’t anything special. Reminds me of 4Minute and 2NE1. I’m not a big fan of either so…yeah they’re not really to my taste. The second track ‘Oh Baby’ is better though.

Meisa Kuroki released a new single today called 5-Five. She looks absolutely gorgeous in the MV and on the single cover. The song’s pretty good. If you like Namie Amuro, you’d probably like Meisa Kuroki since their music styles are actually pretty similar. She sounds a bit like Namie Amuro too, but Meisa Kuroki has weaker vocals. Anyway, the second track ‘The Only One’ is a midtempo track. Nothing too special to be honest. The third track is ‘So Smooth’ and it’s another midtempo track. The chorus is nice but the English lyrics do NOT make sense XD As usual from Jpop.

Aira Mitsuki released a new album today called 6 FORCE. I’ve never heard of her until today. Someone recommended her to me so I decided to try her out. Her genre is basically electronica and electropop. I’ve listened to three songs and she’s pretty good! Her music isn’t like Perfume’s or MEG’s…it reminds me more of…Ai Otsuka? Anyway it sounds good so far, and I’ll keep listening to it.

I love this girl. IU. She’s pretty underrated. She released a new single today, and the title track ‘Nagging’ features Seulong of 2AM. It’s supposed to be the second ‘We Fell in Love’ from We Got Married. You know, the one GaIn and JoKwon sang? Hopefully this’ll get her more noticed? It’s a cute song but more mature than her past title tracks. I like it ^^ Honestly the cutesy songs she’s been coming out with as title tracks have NOT been giving her enough attention. ‘Boo’ was ok, and ‘Marshmallow’ too, but ugh she’s got great vocals that are not shown through these cutesy tracks. They fit her image but I’d rather hear a song more along the lines of ‘Mia’. LISTEN TO THAT SONG IF YOU HAVEN’T. It’s really good!!!


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