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[100604] MV Wrapup: Suki + Gahee (After School) + IU + Seulong + Sistar + Infinite + T-Max + Seo In Young + Kim Yuna + Lee Seung Gi + Electroboyz + Horan (Clazziquai)

Bunch of MVs I missed XD

Suki ft. Gahee (After School) with ‘One Love’ MV starring Marco & Lee Hee Jin (ex-Baby VOX member)

IU + Seulong (2AM) with ‘Nagging’ MV
~~aka, the second ‘We Fell in Love’ song

Under the cut:
Sistar, Infinite, T-Max, Seo In Young, Kim Yuna & Lee Seung Gi, Electroboyz ft. Horan (Clazziquai)

Sistar with ‘Push Push’ MV

Infinite’s ‘Come Back Again’ MV Teaser
~~boygroup that Epik High came out with. finally debuting! woots looking forward to see them perform ^^

T-Max with ‘Don’t Be Rude’ MV

Seo In Young with ‘Write It As Love, Call It As Pain’ MV
~~ex-Jewelry member’s back with a new solo album

Kim Yuna + Lee Seung Gi with ‘Smile Boy’ MV
~~another World Cup song

Electroboyz ft. Horan (Clazziquai) with ‘Incoming Call’ MV
~~produced by Brave Entertainment.


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