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[100607] Code V + Jyongri + Lee Ji Hye

Code V is NOT a new group, as people may think. Tt’s actually just a Korean group called BLESS making a comeback under a different name. They sing well and I think this comeback has gotten them more attention; they were SO underrated previously <.< Their comeback track ‘Addiction (Poisoning)’ is really good. It’s an upbeat track with NO AUTOTUNE. WOOTS! From their old music I didn’t think they danced, but they definately dance in the MV. Their new image is quite different from their old one. Whatever, the song’s great, the single’s great, they’re great!

Jyongri is a Japanese singer who is going to release a new single Muteki na Ai (無敵な愛) in August. A song called ‘Walking’ was revealed recently. She has some pretty good songs overall that I’ve heard in the past and she’s actually of Korean descent. She’s 21 and she writes her own lyrics. She isn’t really well-known but like I said, she has some pretty good songs and her voice is quite nice.

Lee Ji Hye is a ballad singer and an ex-S#arp member. I don’t believe I’ve listened to her before the release of her newest 2nd single, Break My Heart. Her voice sounds really familiar though so perhaps I have listened to her but her 1st single is in my desktop files. Anyways, her newest single is amazing. Her voice is very soothing and the title track ‘Because of Love’ featuring PK Herman is beautiful. His rapping matches very well with the track and I foresee that I’ll be listening to this song often. The second track ‘Oh Tears Please Stop’ is pretty good too. This song features Jed of D.Bace. Seems like she likes singing ballads with rappers. Fine with me because the combo seems to be working really well. RECOMMENDED!!


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