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[100610] Mnet M! Countdown: Infinite + Suki + X-Cross Debuts + Koyote Comeback + Wonder Girls Goodbye

Infinite’s Debut Stage with ‘Intro’ + ‘Come Back Again’
~~they are very strong for a debuting group. loving them!

-Suki’s Debut with ‘One Love’
~~very good song, imo. she did well
-X-Cross’ Debut with ‘My Luv’
~~i think they’re going to be totally overshadowed by Infinite…Infinite’s been getting quite a lot of publicity compared to X-Cross
~~dunno much about them, but they’re a duo with a boy group-like song lol. the song’s catchy though
-C.N. Blue with ‘Love’ + #1
-Koyote’s Comeback with ‘Return’
-Wonder Girls’ Goodbye Stage with ‘2 Different Tears’
-Boram (SeeYa) & T-ara with ‘Coffee Over Milk’
-MBLAQ with ‘What You Want’ + ‘Y’
-T-Max with ‘Don’t Be Rude’
-4Minute with ‘HuH’
-Sistar with ‘Here We Come’ + ‘Push Push’

Suki’s Debut with ‘One Love’

X-Cross’ Debut with ‘My Luv’

C.N. Blue with ‘Love’ + #1

Koyote’s Comeback with ‘Return’

Wonder Girls’ Goodbye Stage with ‘2 Different Tears’

Boram (SeeYa) & T-ara with ‘Coffee Over Milk’

MBLAQ with ‘What You Want’ + ‘Y’

T-Max with ‘Don’t Be Rude’

4Minute with ‘HuH’

Sistar with ‘Here We Come’ + ‘Push Push’


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