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Blast from the Past: SHINee – Replay (Noona Is So Pretty)

You don’t have to be a veteran kpopper to know this group; SHINee! Don’t really have to introduce them, do I? SM’s 5 member contemporary R&B boy group consisting of Onew (leader), Jonghyun, Minho, Key, and Taemin. The oldest member’s 21 (Korean age) and the youngest is 17 (also Korean age). They debuted two years ago with the song ‘Replay’, also known as ‘Noona Is So Pretty’, or ‘Noona Neomu Yeoppeo’. I can’t believe two years have already passed by, just like that o.o These two years have sped by so fast for me, it’s unbelievable. I FEEL OLD XD

I can never decide on my favourite SHINee member because I love every single member. It’ll change depending on what I’m watching or listening to. I used to like Key and Jonghyun the most, then Minho, then Taemin, then Onew, then Jonghyun again, and yeah it was just all over the place haha! I didn’t really like Jonghyun’s voice in the beginning. It was distinct, that’s for sure, but I’ve grown to love his voice and him. He’s got amazing vocals. But like I said, I love every single member, and spazz over every single member. Taemin makes me feel so pedo though o.o But look how much he has grown in the last two years!

Anyway, getting back on topic. I remember their mini album was released just a few days before I was flying back to HK for summer vacation, and I fell in love with ‘Replay’ right away. It’s such a good song and I can say it’s probably SHINee’s best song. I’m a total Shawol, and I follow SHINee pretty closely. I hope one day they can release something alike ‘Replay’ again, because it really is a great song. I have to say it helps that they’re good looking =P I really liked their style then too.

This song makes me realy nostalgic. Plus I was recently in a Korean show where people sang and danced to kpop, and ‘Replay’ was one of the songs. So yeah, that definately makes it a “soundtrack of my life”.


Performance: Debut on KBS Music Bank


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