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Orange Caramel (After School Sub-Unit) Reveals MV Teaser

The sub-unit of After School, called Orange Caramel just released their MV teaser! The members include Nana, Raina, and Lizzy. Obviously, unlike the imaag eof After School, Orange Caramel is going for cutesy and girly. Their mini album will be released on the 17th of June, and will include a solo track from Raina.

On a side note, Gahee will be making a solo debut, while Bekah, Jungah,and Jooyeon will be forming into another sub-unit. WOOT!!! GAHEEEE kekekee yar exposing my fangirliness for her once again =P


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from HKG > YVR > YUL > YYC 23 year old Hong Konger/Canadian with love for clothes and makeup, and always looking for a good bite!

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