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[100616] Goo Hye Sun + D-NA + KAT-TUN + As One + Orange Caramel

Goo Hye Sun, singer, writer, painter, actress (and a gazillion other things) has released her first single! The song’s called ‘Brown Hair’ and it’s a relaxing mid-tempo bossa nova-like track. Once again, this talented girl shows us that she’s not well-known for nothing! Her voice goes quite well with the song. I’m not sure if she wrote the song herself, but I know she writes her own songs and she can play piano. She released an instrumental album a while back and it was amazing. I loved it and listened to it loads. Highly recommended!

D-NA, also known as BOSS or Dae Guk Nam Ah, has released their first mini album, Awake. The rookie boygroup’s image has changed entirely from their innocent and princely images during the times of Admiring/Tokyo Boy. They’ve got a rougher edge now, but they’re still on ‘no autotune please’. I like! Title track ‘Stumble Stumble’ is an upbeat dance song with piano background. There’s a tiny bit of autotune in the beginning for like one line, even before the actual singing begins, so it’s totally tolerable. They remind me of Infinite and SS501 now. Or U-KISS without the autotune. Well SS501 doesn’t sound like this anymore, but they used to sound more like this. On a random note, ‘Stumble Stumble’ in Korean doesn’t sound very nice XD ‘Everything…and Everyone’ is so-so. ‘New Boyz’ sounds like something U-KISS would sing…except with lots of autotune >.< It’s really a good track and they sound good ^^ The last two tracks were in their first single, so nothing new. Overall the mini album’s pretty good.

KAT-TUN released their new album NO MORE PAIИ…minus one member. Guess which letter in KAT-TUN? A. In other words, Akanishi Jin, who’s in L.A. preparing for a solo concert. I’m pretty surprised KAT-TUN decided to release an entire new album without him. I have yet to listen to the whole album, with all these new releases, but I’ve heard several songs. The title track ‘N.M.P. (NO MORE PAIИ)’ is very angsty and epic, like I said when I posted the MV. The instrumentals overwhelm their voices a bit, but I like it. The beginning’s pretty awesome lol. Sounds like the beginning of a movie actually. Much better than ‘Going!’ anyday. The other tracks I listened to, ‘FARAWAY’, ‘PROMISE SONG’, ‘RIGHT NOW’ and ‘MAKE U WET ~CHAPTER 2~’ weren’t bad either. Yes. I know. That last one sounds rly wrong. XD

As One, one of my fave female groups of all time, has finally released a new single!! They’d been on hiatus for quite a while so I’m pretty glad. Well actually they released a single called ‘Drive’ a little while ago. ANYWAY, this new single is really great, of course. The title track’s ‘Sonnet’ and sooo nice! An amazing mid-tempo ballad. The song’s very Byul. Byul’s a ballad singer by the way, if you didn’t know. Check her out, because she’s great. If you’ve ever watched Full House starring Rain and Song Hye Kyo, you will have sure heard her sing, since her song’s one of the main OSTs. The second track, of which I don’t know the English name of, is another ballad. It’s not as good as ‘Sonnet’ but it’s still nice to listen to. I know I posted the MV just a few posts ago but lolz wtv.

Orange Caramel is After School’s sub-unit made up of Nana, Lizzy,and Raina (omg I’ve typed this so many times XD). ANYWAY, their image is completely different from After School. It’s like KARA’s ‘Honey’ image. They released their mini album (more like single IMO) today and the title track’s ‘Magic Girl/魔法少女’. It screams ANIME and CUTE XD Well they are trying to attract the market outside of Korea, so I guess it makes sense? Anyway, the second track is Raina’s solo, ‘Can’t We Delay Love’, a mid tempo RnB ballad. She sounds GREAT. I hope she performs this live some time!! Raina’s vocals really are good.


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