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[100618] KBS Music Bank: D-NA’s Comeback + Orange Caramel (After School Sub-Unit) Debut

D-NA’s (Dae Guk Nam Ah) Comeback Stage with ‘Stumble Stumble’
~~i’m HOOKED on this song right now lolz and them too haha =D i’m totally loving them
~~vocally they sounded pretty good (i found a MR removed audio vid of the perf on yt and they sounded good), but you could tell they were nervous. looking forward to their next comeback perf =P

-Orange Caramel’s Debut with ‘Magic Girl’
~~song’s not really getting to me, but the perf wasn’t bad
-SS501 with #1
~~gratz for their 2nd K-Chart win, but they didn’t perform -.- they’re ending promotions early since their contract ended…wonder what they’re gonna do
-C.N. Blue with ‘Love’
-Davichi with ‘Time Please Stop’
-Jerry ft. Raina (After School) with ‘Love’
-Koyote with ‘Return’
-Lyn with ‘Sweetie, Honey, Darling’
-Soya N Sun with ‘Smiling Goodbye’
-MBLAQ with ‘Y’
-f(x) with ‘NU ABO’
-T-Max with ‘Don’t Be Rude’
-4Minute with ‘HuH’
-Sistar with ‘Push Push’

Orange Girl’s Debut with ‘Magic Girl’

SS501 with #1

C.N. Blue with ‘Love’

Davichi with ‘Time Please Stop’

Jerry ft. Raina (After School) with ‘Love’

Koyote with ‘Return’

Lyn with ‘Sweetie, Honey, Darling’

Soya N Sun with ‘Smiling Goodbye’

MBLAQ with ‘Y’

f(x) with ‘NU ABO’

T-Max with ‘Don’t Be Rude’

4Minute with ‘HuH’

Sistar with ‘Push Push’


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