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[100720] Ayumi Hamasaki + B2Y + Black Pearl + BoA + DNT + FT Island

I’ve missed a TON of music during the past 3 weeks I’ve been on vacation, so I’ll separate the reviews into a 2 or 3 posts alphabetically. I have yet to listen to the twenty or so singles/albums/EPs that have been released. I’m just going to have to take my time XD

Ayumi Hamasaki the Jpop queen is back with a new single, MOON/blossom. The two main tracks are, well, ‘MOON’ and ‘blossom’. There’s also an awesome remix of ‘Microphone’ and obviously, the instrumentals for the main tracks. This new single of hers has broken her own Oricon record. Congrats to her! She deserves it! Anyway, ‘MOON’ is a sort of angsty rock ballad, as is ‘blossom’. The latter is more to my taste. Like I’ve said before, I have a thing for piano instrumentals. The melody is also nicer, in my opinion. The chorus is really quite good and reminds me of one of her old songs from her album Rainbow. I believe it’s called ‘Free & Easy’. I don’t remember the name of it exactly but it was one of my first favourites from Ayu and also was my first exposure to her.

B2Y the mixed Korean group released a new mini album called Be Cra2y. I was completely hooked on the song 2 weeks before the actual release of the EP. The MV was, weirdly enough, released 2 weeks before the release of the EP, and made me crave to listen to the track as HQ audio…and not watch the youtube video 3 billion times. I don’t really know if you can call this an EP since only 2 of the songs are new. ‘You’re Very Angelic’ and ‘My Love’ was already on their debut mini album. The other tracks include title track ‘Be Cra2y’, a remix of the title track, and instrumentals. Anyway, the title track is positively addictive. AN AUTOTUNE FREE DANCE TRACK. YES. I think I’ve spazzed about the song quite a few times, so I’ll just stop here.

Black Pearl, of whom I recommended in my sticky note post (aka the post that’s always on the home page) is another great girlgroup to look out for. Like I said before, it’s been 2 years or so since they last released a single or album. They did sing some tracks for OSTs, but that’s it. They seriously lack exposure (WTF Mnet?!). Their new mini album’s called ‘Gogossing’. Actually even though they call it an EP, it’s practically a full length album, with 9 tracks. Well yes, 3 tracks are old but 9 tracks is a lot. It’s better than Yuya Matsushita’s debut album…of which contained like 3 new songs while the rest were from his old singles XD I guess since he hadn’t officially debuted yet they didn’t count? Anyway, this underrated Korean girlgroup sounds like SeeYa and Davichi. Aka, a power vocal group. The title track is sort of more pop than their usual style, but it’s still a nice track. It gets better as it goes along. I haven’t listened to the whole album properly yet, but it sounds like it’s composed of mostly ballads, mid-tempo ballads, and (surprise) pop ballads.

BoA is making a Korean comeback soon! For now, fans can enjoy her brand new Japanese single WOO WEEKEND. It has not been determined when she’ll be making a comeback but SM Ent. has noted that she is preparing for a Korean comeback. The new Japanese single includes the title track by the same name, and a b-side called ‘NO DANCE, NO LIFE’. There are also instrumentals for the 2 tracks. The single has an 80’s retro vibe to it. Personally I’m not really digging this single, but it’s better that BoA is releasing something than not. ‘WOO WEEKEND’ is for Disney on Ice Japan btw, so it sort of makes sense why it’s uber cheerful and pop-y.

DNT has made a comeback with a new single Knock Knock. I don’t know much about them to be honest. I listened to their last single The Love in My Heart when it came out. There were 4 members then and the single consisted of rock ballads. Knock Knock is NOTHING like that. It’s a dance pop track with autotune…and the cover shows 5 members. So ya, I can’t say much about it. The song’s alright I guess. It’s a typical boyband song? It’s such a U-KISS song.

FT Island, one of my fave boygroups, released another Japanese single. The single has 3 tracks and is called Brand-New Days, as is the title track. The other tracks include ‘Music Life’ and ‘Treasure’. ‘Brand-New Days’ is a summer-y upbeat rock track that I quite enjoy. They’re on a roll with their Japanese stuff lately! Flower Rock was awesome and so is this. Similarly, ‘Music Life’ is a upbeat rock track. The tempo’s slower but it still is summer-y and pretty awesome to jam to. Finally, we have ‘Treasure’, which starts off immediately off a different vibe. This is a slow and mellow rock ballad. I adore it. HongKi really starts off on the right note and opens up the song for the others. I’m pretty glad JaeJin is singing more now.


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