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2010 Korean Music Festival: BoA + Taeyang + 2PM + Se7en + SHINee etc.

It’s the 2010 Korean Music Festival today…Nichkhun (2PM), Krystal (f(x), Onew (SHINee), and Suzy (miss A) were today’s MCs.

Rainbow’s Comeback with ‘A’
~~like I said…it’s so KARA-ish! I’m rly hooked on this song XD vocals for this perf are not good at all though…on a random note, my GOD their legs are super shiny LOL

MC Cut

-Secret’s Comeback with ‘Madonna’
~~vocals were a bit iffy at the beginning…improved afterward. overall better live performance than Rainbow
-BoA with ‘Hurricane Venus’
~~excellent as usual!!! her voice is so strong and clear =D
-Son Dam Bi with ‘queen’
-Se7en with ‘Better Together’
-Taeyang (Big Bang) with ‘I Need a Girl’
-4Minute with ‘HuH’
-f(x) with ‘NU ABO’
~~no Amber…is she still injured?!
-Bobby Kim with ‘Loner’
-miss A with ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’
-After School with ‘Bang!’
~~only 6 of them today…UEE and Jooyeon are missing
-SHINee with ‘Lucifer’
~~better perf today than yesterday’s. more energy overall, and vocals are better. Taemin…looks so girly…like yesterday XD Jonghyun’s hair is rly nice today. Minho’s eye makeup LOL it put me off
-Infinite with ‘Come Back Again’
-2PM with ‘Without You’
~~it’s been a while…I was quite turned off with the news about their concert. they’re not rly the same anymore…JYP what on earth are you doing to these boys?!
-MBLAQ with ‘Y’
~~no Joon…he was in the hospital for fatigue during the recording >.<
-Hong Jin Young with 'My Love'
-Jang Yoon Jung with 'Olleh (remix vr.)'
-Sistar with 'Push Push'
-Norazo with 'Curry'

Secret’s Comeback with ‘Madonna’

BoA with ‘Hurricane Venus’

Son Dam Bi with ‘queen’

Se7en with ‘Better Together’

Taeyang with ‘I Need a Girl’

4Minute with ‘HuH’

f(x) with ‘Nu ABO’

Bobby Kim with ‘Loner’

miss A with ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’

After School with ‘Bang!’

SHINee with ‘Lucifer’

Infinite with ‘Come Back Again’

2PM with ‘Without You’

MBLAQ with ‘Y’

Hong Jin Young with ‘My Love’

Jang Yoon Jung with ‘Olleh (remix vr.)’

Sistar with ‘Push Push’

Norazo with ‘Curry’


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2 thoughts on “2010 Korean Music Festival: BoA + Taeyang + 2PM + Se7en + SHINee etc.

  1. i always attend music festivals because they are quite exciting and i love music ‘,.

    Posted by Nathaniel Wood | 101202, 3:26 PM


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