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[100904] The 2010 Incheon Music Wave Performances

The 2010 Incheon Music Wave was aired today in place of MBC Music Core. Mind you, this is edited and watered down so some stuff you may have seen on fancams may not have been aired. I don’t really have time to watch it now but here are the vids anyway. I’ll probably watch this later tonight after I deal with my school stuff.

Jung Yonghwa (CN Blue) + Seohyun (SNSD) Special Stage with ‘Run Devil Run’ + ‘Love Light’

MBLAQ with ‘Y’

After School with ‘Bang! (remix)’ + ‘Diva’

CN Blue with ‘Love’

KARA with ‘Lupin’

FT Island with ‘Love Love Love’

BoA with ‘Hurricane Venus’

Secret with ‘Madonna’

Supernova with ‘On Days That I Missed You’

4Minute with ‘HuH (remix)’

2PM with ‘Without You’ + ‘I Was Crazy About You’

SG Wannabe with ‘LaLaLa’

Son Dam Bi with ‘Saturday Night’ + ‘queen’

Se7en with ‘Digital Bounce’

Super Junior with ‘No Other’ + ‘Bonamana’

Taeyang with ‘I’ll Be There’

SNSD with ‘Oh’

Brown Eyed Girls with ‘Sign’ + ‘Abracadabra’

SHINee with ‘Lucifer’

BEAST with ‘Special’

U-KISS with ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ + ‘Bingeul Bingeul’

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