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[100926] SBS Inkigayo: BoA’s Comeback

Oh my god guys…first post in quite a while. I’m actually supposed to be reading my stats textbook right now…but clearly I’m not doing that. Decided to give myself a bit of a break XD I even skipped out on a huge social event yesternight to do an assignment. UGH. *bangs head on table* Went to bed at 3AM. I actually set my alarm to ring at 10:30 but…IT FAILED and I ended up waking at 1PM LOL!
Anyway I know I’ve missed out on a lot of things. I actually have still been keeping up with kpop, just that I didn’t have time to post about them…not to mention that my laptop has been messing up so I gave it to my dad to fix…I’m just using my dad’s new laptop for now. ANYWAY, without further ado, performances for today’s SBS Inkigayo.

BoA’s Comeback with ‘Copy & Paste’
~~LOVE this song! More than HV ^^
~~she looked better yday with her extensions but she looks less tired today

-2NE1 with ‘Can’t Nobody’ + #1
~~gratz to them
-TRAX with ‘Oh! My Goddess’
-FT Island with ‘Love Love Love’
-Son Dam Bi with ‘dB Rider’
-Narsha ft. Sunny Hill with ‘Mamma Mia’
-Secret with ‘Madonna’
-Sistar with ‘Shady Girl’
-Teen Top with ‘Clap’
-f(x) with ‘Copyright Song’

2NE1 with ‘Can’t Nobody’ + #1

TRAX with ‘Oh! My Goddess’

FT Island with ‘Love Love Love’

Son Dam Bi with ‘dB Rider’

Narsha ft. Sunny Hill with ‘Mamma Mia’

Secret with ‘Madonna’

Sistar with ‘Shady Girl’

Teen Top with ‘Clap’

f(x) with ‘Copyright Song’

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