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SHINee’s Full ‘Hello’ MV Out!

I’m in the library right now on break so just a quick post…SHINee’s ‘Hello’ MV is out! I wanted to die watching it in the library LOL can’t even fangirl like usual
Jonghyun is so vabkeygksydc-worthy here. Everyone’s all smiley and it makes me feel warm and happy =D (even though I’m not because the weather is cold and I’m not happy because I have a ton of schoolwork to do) I think I spazzed the most about Onew in this MV. Him and his flowers…guuuh he was super good at portraying a nervous boy waiting to confess. Him popping up at 0:45 was so cute kekeke. Especially at the end when he was at the door. Taemin looks uber cute as usual. Can’t get past his pout at the beginning!!! Minho doesn’t seem nervous at all; he’s all chill and fixing his hair in the car LOL. Key’s hair is way better now, as I’ve said. He looks out of place in red though XD The concept is supposed to be sort of boy-next-door and he…just doesn’t look it at all XD
On another note, whoever the director is for this MV, I think is the same director for BoA’s ‘Copy & Paste’ MV. That same camera technique…it worked for BoA’s MV but it seems sorta out of place and random for this MV


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