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[101008] KBS Music Bank: GaIn Solo Debut + Comebacks from miss A + U-KISS + 5tion

I am alive. Woot. Survived my first midterm this semester…I don’t think I did well though…>.< Hopefully my studying paid off. To be honest I'm more behind on kpop nowadays. I'm spending lots of time studying, reading, trying to figure out shiatz XD I'm cooped up in my room or at the library too much. Ugh. This is what uni does to you.

Anyway, today's KBS Music Bank…

GaIn's (Brown Eyed Girls) Solo Debut with 'Truth' + 'Irreversible'
~~they wrote comeback stage…when it isn't…since it's technically her solo debut…
~~both songs sound really nice…gives a old school kpop vibe. something Ivy would sing
~~GaIn looks so smexyyy~

-miss A's Comeback with 'Breathe'
~~i watched the MV and laughed a lot because the dance seemed so random and there were so many colours XD the dance is very..interesting, to say at least
~~good performance. but it lacks something…more energy
-U-KISS' Comeback with 'Before Yesterday' + 'Shut Up!'
~~I like their new look. and if only 'Before Yesterday' was longer…
-5tion's Comeback with 'Let's Fall in Love Again'
~~wow…it's been sooo long!
-BEAST with 'Breathe' + #1
~~wooot! gratz to the boys!
-Lim Jeong Hee/J.Lim with 'Would Never Be Real'
-SHINee with 'Hello'
~~*fangirls* JONGHYUN UR JUST TRYING TO MAKE ME HAVE A NOSEBLEED AREN'T YOU?! Onew. Go cut your hair. LOL. Taemin's hair looks too light…he looks better with dark coloured hair. Not many asians can pull of the colour he has now. Key's hair looks funny hehehhee. Poor Minho's always stuck near the back because he's too tall XD he stands out too much
-Se7en with 'I'm Going Crazy'
-FT Island with 'Love Love Love'
-Co-Ed with 'Too Late'
-2NE1 with 'Go Away'
-Supreme Team with 'Then Then Then'

miss A’s Comeback with ‘Breathe’

U-KISS’ Comeback with ‘Before Yesterday’ + ‘Shut Up!’

5tion’s Comeback with ‘Let’s Fall in Love Again’

BEAST with ‘Breathe’ + #1

Lim Jeong Hee/J.Lim with ‘Would Never Be Real’

SHINee with ‘Hello’

Se7en with ‘I’m Going Crazy’

FT Island with ‘Love Love Love’

Co-Ed with ‘Too Late’

2NE1 with ‘Go Away’

Supreme Team with ‘Then Then Then’


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