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[101119] KBS Music Bank: BEAST + F.Cuz + Orange Caramel + Byul + 4Men ft. Mi + SNSD

A few performances to take notice of today on KBS Music Bank. Think I’ll be doing this from now on instead of a full music show post.

BEAST’s Comeback with ‘Lights Go On Again’ + ‘I Like You the Best’ + ‘Beautiful’
~~I’m such a huge BEAST fangirl nowadays. GAAAAAAHHH!!! JUNHYUNGGGG <3
~~’Lights Go On Again’ was soo nice…I wish the song was longer -.- they all look so nice all dressed up ^^
~~I actually squealed for ‘Beautiful’…at one point everything was all white and bright, and Junhyung’s all in white, it was like…he glowed or something! seems like my bias for KiKwang is being taken over by Junhyung XD this song is such a happy song meant for them to act cute and get fangirls squealing. aka ME LOL

F.Cuz’s Comeback with ‘Friend’s Graduation’ + ‘Midnight Sun’
~~never been a big fan of F.Cuz (their songs were too…autotune-y and generic for  me…highly disliked ‘Jiggy’) but ‘Midnight Sun’ is a nice surprise. No autotune and has a nice melody. they really remind me of SS501 for this one. nice comeback perf
~~the black nails…>.<

Orange Caramel’s Comeback with ‘Aing’
~~the MV was pretty WTF XD the concept was cool and all but…it was a pretty weird messed up MV in my opinion
~~i think i like ‘Magic Girl’ more than this as a song for some parts, but the chorus for this song is pretty good
~~choreo is…awks XD super cutesy, of course, but some dance moves are just awks and out of place
~~not digging any of the wigs either…I find Nana is really pretty but gosh the wigs are just…ew.

Byul’s Comeback with ‘It Hurts Today’
~~Byul! <3 been waiting for her comeback =D
~~love her voice…found about her WAY back during Full House days…omg how long has that been…anyway she sang a song on the OST and obviously I adored it
~~so soothing…this song relaxes me and makes me want to sleep…actually i always wanna sleep nowadays XD

4Men ft. Mi with ‘I’m Sorry’
~~sorry this is unrelated to this performance but  ZOMG SONG JOONG KIIIII kekekekekeee <3
~~ok so back to this perf =P 4Men’s back with a new album and yaaay to them actually performing it on a music show =D
~~such a breathtaking performance and so much emotion…4Men is just so freaking amazing

SNSD wins #1 with ‘Hoot’
~~no Tiffany cuz she’s hurt…she’s out from promotions now

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