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KBS Music Bank 2010 Year End Special

KBS Music Bank year end special!!! That means lots of awesome performances =D Here are a few spazzworthy ones…well at least the ones I spazzed over =P I skipped out on all the main hallyu star ones or stages that aren’t different before, like Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, 2PM, etc. cuz their stages are no different from ones they’ve previously done, nothing new or added. If you want to see them, look them on youtube. Very easy to find.

SG Wannabe & Onew+Jonghyun (SHINee) & Kyuhyun+Ryeowook (Super Junior) with ‘My Everything’
~~god so nice to listen to <3

C.N. Blue with ‘Love’ + ‘I’m a Loner’
~~ZOMG LIVE. TOTAL <3 ‘Love’ was a slowed down acoustic version..sooooo nice!!
~~JUNG. YONG. HWA. Was it possible for you to get hotter? I didn’t think so, but clearly you proved me wronggggg

T-ara & Secret with ‘I Go Crazy Because of You’ + ‘Magic’ + ‘Madonna’ + ‘YaYaYa’
~~collab stage! both groups dance to all one of each others’ tracks (the first two) ^^

DIVA5 Stage: Minah(Girl’s Day) & Jaekyung(Rainbow) & Bora(Sistar) & Lizzy(After School) & NS Yoonji
~~just a dance perf…each member dances a short excerpt from their own songs, then they do a collab dance

Key(SHINee) & KiKwang(BEAST) & Kwanghee(ZE:A) aka MuBang with ‘Magic Girl’
~~no special would be complete without some guys dressing up super cute and dancing a super girly song. and that stage would not be complete without Key HAHAHA why is he actually the one without the mouse ears?! he’s the one who looks the most like a mouse kekekekke

Rainbow with ‘A’ + ‘Mach’
~~I’ve grown to love these girls cuz of these two songs. These two songs are actually the most played songs on my iTunes and on my phone XDDD

IU & Seulong(2AM) with ‘Nagging’

4Minute & BEAST with ‘HuH’+’Soom’
~~you guys know I don’t care much for 4Minute but…GAAAH BEAST!!! <3
~~Junhyung’s rap is <3 as usual and gaaaaah Yoseob, soo cute but such a powerful ad lib!


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