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Blast from the Past: Clazziquai – She Is (My Name is Kim Sam Soon OST)

This song is old. Quite old. Have any of you ever watched the drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon, starring Hyun Bin (where I first discovered this hot guy and sort of died inside LOL) and Kim Sun Ah? Well the drama’s from 2005, so the song’s like 5 years old, as is the drama, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if none of you have ever watched it. The drama won a lot of awards and had really high ratings (with like 50% across South Korea and Seoul for the last episode), and rightly so; it was sooo good! I highly recommend you watch it if you haven’t. It’s the Christmas holidays anyway =P

This song was the one that made me completely fall in love with Clazziquai (made up of Alex, Horan, and DJ Clazzi), also known as Clazziquai Project. It fits the drama so well and Alex’s voice is candy for the ears. Seriously. I’m supposing most of you should know who Alex is at least! He’s been on We Got Married and considered a perfect man. Clazziquai started off as an underground experimental band, but then debuted and became a relatively well-known group. I love their music <3

This was also the first Korean song that made me actually look up lyrics and learn them so I could sing along. It took me a looong time cuz I was sort of young then and man, romanizations were hard to read! Of course, now I pick up songs quite fast even without looking up lyrics kekeke =P Even now, I ALWAYS sing this song when I’m at karaoke. In fact, I went last week and sang this song hahahaa. This song, and ‘White Love Story’ from the Coffee Prince OST. I get quite attached to drama OSTs actually, probably because the OSTs play during certain scenes in dramas that make it quite unforgettable. Even after these 5 years, I still love this song and don’t get sick of it. It’s still in my music files and on my phone.

MV (the video starts off with ‘Be My Love’, another OST song also by Clazziquai)


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