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SBS Gayo Daejeon 2010 Performances

SBS Gayo Daejeon 2010 just ended and woot I was pretty hyped to watch this, since I personally like SBS’s the best (based on experience from the past 2 yrs). I imagine these performance vids will be removed so I apologize if you try to watch these too late and they’re already gone XD CodeAnalysisSeasons2 uploaded them (total loveee <3 HD-ness ftw) Theme this year is Music Factory btw.

I love how I was supposed to go do some research on doing an international exchange and writing a letter for it but instead I spent the afternoon watching and writing this long post LOL. Overall an amazing show, as expected.

Opening Show

Super Rival 01: ZE:A VS Teen Top
‘Level Up’ + ‘Clap’
~~ZE:A have improved..the last performance I saw of them was pretty bad. They’re much better now
~~Teen Top and their wigs XD prob to hide hair for their comeback. i wish them luck, they’re deffos stronger as rookies than ZE:A, and ZE:A has been out for a while now

Super Rival 02: miss A VS Sistar
‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ + ‘Breathe’ + ‘How Dare You’
~~I’ve come to like miss A lot more now compared to when they just debuted
~~I don’t like Sistar at all…so no comment.

Super Visual 01: Orange Caramel with ‘Aing’ + ‘Magic Girl’
~~’Aing’ is all orchestra-sounding lolz. It’s sorta odd. NaNa is so pretty <3 I hate their costumes though. and oooh man Raina’s high note there >.<

Super Visual 02: Norazo with ‘Rock Star’ + ‘Curry’
~~LOL they crack me up all the time XD

Super Visual 03: U-KISS with ‘Manmanhani’ + ‘Shut Up!’
~~what’s up with Kevin’s hair lol maybe it’s cuz I haven’t watched that many ‘Shut Up’ perfs XD

Super Visual 04: Homme (Changmin of 2AM + Lee Hyun of 8eight) with ‘I was able to Eat Well’
~~aww…where’s the rest of 8eight -.- there’s no 8eight performance

Interview 01: Junho (2PM) + TOP (Big Bang) + Gyuri (KARA) + Eunhyuk (SuJu)
~~LOL while Heechul was interviewing Gyuri I was just staring at the guy in front of her thinking “o.O is that…Minho???” IT IS. He looks so emo. But he looks rly hot. LOL.

Doll House 01: Secret with ‘Madonna’

Doll House 02: f(x) with ‘NU ABO’
~~where on earth is Amber, seriously? o.o

Doll House 03: Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) with ‘Bbi Ri Bba Bba’
~~oooh I like the intro dance

Secret Wedding: 4Minute & MBLAQ
~~all the songs are from the movie Hairspray! watching this actually made me smile haha especially during MBLAQ donig ‘Ladies’ Choice’ =P

MBLAQ with ‘Y’
~~dislike for Thunder’s hair -.- Seungho’s is meh also. and i wish the stylists and coordis would CALM IT DOWN with the intense eye makeup

4Minute with ‘HuH’
~~!! they look so smexy! their outfits are really flattering on them

Onew + Key (SHINee) with a Trot Medley
~~ZOMG LMFAOOOOOOOZZZZ ONEWWWW he looks so into it HAHAHAHAA KEY BWAHHAHAA i can totally see Onew as an old ahjusshi and singing trot songs when he gets old

Yoseob + Kikwang (BEAST) with Trot Medley ‘Frightful Person’
~~LOL at how they held their mics in the beginning and then Kikwang the whole way though his pinky is up kakakakaa omg Yoseob should just team up with Onew and be a trot duo when they’re older, Yoseob pulls it off so well

Davichi with ‘Time Please Stop’

IU with ‘Good Day’
~~gosh she looks like a doll! i’m glad she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves

Wheesung + Davichi + IU with ‘Insomnia’
~~WHAAAA it’s been too long~ and this song gives me memories of the kpop dance show

Shocking Baby (Maknaes): Mir (MBLAQ) + Taemin (SHINee) + Seohyun (SNSD) + Lizzy (After School) + Chansung (2PM) + Jiyoung (KARA) + Sulli (f(x)) with ‘Britney Spears’ ‘Circus’
~~my reaction when Taemin first appeard: ZOMG TAEMIN! AND SO MUCH FOBBY ENGRISH BUT I DONT CARE LOL

After School with ‘Bang!
~~oh? Bekah’s not there. but UEE is there finally since she’s done filming ‘Birdy Buddy’ Now I love After School, but this perf was a little messy and all over the place, unfortunately

Son Dam Bi with ‘dB Rider’ + ‘Queen’

Band Meets Band: REI + FT Island with ‘Love Love Love’ + ‘High’

BEAST with ‘YaYaYa’ + ‘Soom’+ T-ara with ‘I Go Crazy Because of You’ + BEAST & T-ara with ‘Beautiful’
~~omg sooo cute hahahhaa BEAST doing ‘YaYaYa’!! GUH SO HOT EVEN DOING THIS CUTESY DANCE. AND OBVIOUSLY EVEN SMEXIER DOING ‘SOOM’. ZOMG CAN I PLZ BE T-ARA FOR ‘BEAUTIFUL’ T.T gaaaaah!! On another note, I really like T-ara’s outfits for ‘IGCBOY’

SHINee + f(x) with ‘Lucifer’
~~whaaaa hot intro =P SO GOOD SO GOOD SOOO GOOOD!!! angry Onew and Minho=super smexy!! Who would think dorky Onew who just sang that trot medley would transform into such a hot beast???

CN Blue + DJ Koo with ‘I’m a Loner’ + ‘Love’
~~yaaay more live instruments ^^ lool Yonghwa looks so out of place behind the DJ station

2NE1 with ‘Go Away’

Kim Gun Mo + 2NE1 with ‘It Hurts’ + ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ + ‘Ping Ge (Excuse)’
~~ooh ‘It Hurts’ is really nice…love the piano <3 last perf is rly fun and cute!

2AM with ‘Even if I Die I Can’t Send You’ + ‘I Did Wrong’ ft. Baek Ji Young + Baek Ji Young with ‘Like a Bullet (remix)’ ft. 2AM + ‘That Woman’
~~csdlkfgauyef BAEK JI YOUNG <3 gosh I love her, her vocals are outstanding. oooh ‘Like a Bullet’ as a dance song is pretty good! cuz I love the original, but this ver is good too! Plus, I’m positively addicted to ‘That Woman/Man’ (there’s two versions, one about man and another about woman) This song makes me cry too XD ahhhh Secret Garden FTW.

Korean Wave 01: KARA with ‘Lupin’ + ‘Jumping’
~~hmm something’s wrong with their mics…you can hear them moving around. all through the night there’s been a mic or two messing up and not working, and missing a couple of lines when the artist sings. Nicole sounds…screechy. She doesn’t have good control of her vocals. I’ve noticed that during ‘Jumping’ perfs. Other than that, great perf from the girls.

Korean Wave 02: SNSD with ‘Snowy Wish’ + ‘Hoot’ ft. Minho (SHINee)
~~nice to see Tiffany back. everyone sounds decent in ‘Snowy Wish’. ZOMG Minho! HOT. HOT. HOT. that flaming charisma stare~

Korean Wave 03: 2PM with ‘I’ll Be Back’
~~thank god Taec’s hair is back to black. the orange blond was just horrible on him.

Korean Wave 03: JYP with ‘No Love No More’

Korean Wave 04: Se7en with ‘Better Together’ + ‘Digital Bounce’ ft. TOP (Big Bang) + G-Dragon + TOP (Big Bang) + Se7en with ‘Passion’
~~fieeerce! and Se7en is still so hot =P

Korean Wave 04: G-Dragon + TOP (Big Bang) with ‘High High’ + ‘Oh Yeah” ft. Park Bom (2NE1)
~~LOL sooo much energy! seriously energy packed perf. Park Bom’s vocals add a nice touch to ‘Oh Yeah’

Super Junior with ‘Bonamana’
~~oh what the heck…the intro music when they come in…’Keep You Head Down’? o.o anyway the intro lol their fight XD it was quite fake but, ok. they’re singers, not actors. Siwon’s jacket looks like a bath robe LOL.

Korean Wave 06: BoA with ‘Game’ + ‘Hurricane Venus’
~~WHAA BoA <3 sounded amazing as usual. not really into her dress, it covers up her dancing a bit, but her shoes are nice! her eye makeup is always so nice also! her backup dancers also did a really good job in ‘Game’


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