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Hangeul + Romanized + Translated Lyrics to JYJ’s Music Essay Their Rooms

Hangeul, romanized, and translated lyrics to JYJ’s new mini album/music essay, Their Rooms. Hangeul and romanization for ‘Mission’ and ‘Untitled Song part 1’ are still missing. credit: hangeulyrics @ wordpress Mission + Nine + Untitled Song part 1 trans:  jeeelim5 @ tohosomnia.net Pierrot trans: inhye87 @ twitter + petiteange22 @ soompi Fallen Leaves trans: inhye87 … Continue reading

[REQUESTED] Kanji + Romanji Lyrics to DBSK’s ‘Why? (Keep Your Head Down) Japanese Ver.’ Single Lyrics

Requested by mrsshimchangmin quite a while ago, but since the single didn’t come out until recently, there weren’t any lyrics that I found. Personally I like the Korean versions better. Probably because I heard the Korean versions first. I find the Jap ver. sound more…nasally XD credit: hillando @ onetvxq.com TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT

Thoughts About Dream High + Lyrics to OST Parts 1 to 4

[left to right: Uhm Ki Joon, Eunjung (T-ara), Taecyeon (2PM), Suzy (miss A), Kim Soo Hyun, IU, Wooyoung (2PM), Lee Yoon Ji] I’ve been watching Dream High, and while it’s sorta predictable and not that good of a drama, I can’t seem to stop watching it o.o LOL. Anyway, Dream High stars a tooon of … Continue reading

Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to G.NA’s Album Black & White

Last mass lyrics post of today…G.NA’s first album Black & White. There aren’t many new tracks in the album XD Other songs were already on singles she previously released or songs she collaborated with other artists. Some tracks were on her mini album (which I think shouldn’t have been put into this album…companies sure know … Continue reading

Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to Navi’s First Album Hello

Another lyrics post! I’ve usually been missing during the weekdays so…Friday is like, my make up day? XD Navi released her first album Hello and gosh it’s so good! Quite a fair bit of the album are old tracks but whatever. The title track is track 2, ‘Well Done’, and the MV is below. Junhyung … Continue reading

Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to Jungmin (SS501) Not Alone Mini-Album

Seungri is not the only group member releasing a solo mini-album this week; Jungmin of SS501 also released a solo mini-album (well…more like a single, since 3 of the 6 tracks are instrumental XD). His title track ‘Not Alone’ is also the name of his release, and this is a really good track! I’m a … Continue reading

Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to Seungri’s V.V.I.P. Mini-Album + MVs

The maknae of Big Bang Seungri has made a solo comeback with a new mini album, V.V.I.P! I feel like I haven’t seen him in such a long time, it’s good to see him getting some spotlight again. There’s 2 MVs; one for ‘What Can I Do’ and one for ‘V.V.I.P’. To be honest I … Continue reading

Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to New Songs in SeeYa’s See You Again Special Album + ‘So Nice to Meet You’ MV

Ugh. I’m going to miss SeeYa so much. I can’t believe they’re disbanding T.T There goes one of my fave power vocal groups. They’re so good. It was really good of Nam Gyuri to come back for two last new songs. Their special compilation album See You Again was released today and their MV for … Continue reading

MV+Teaser Wrap: Popsicle + Seungri + G.NA + MBLAQ + Teen Top + JQT +Wilbur Pan

A whole bunch of MV and MV teasers that I didn’t post up in the past few days and today… Popsicle with ‘I Love You Until It Snows in the Summer’ -Mika Karam and Injun from Dae Guk Nam Ah! I like the song, and Karam is my fave member frm D-NA ^^ I wish … Continue reading

[RECOMMENDED!!!] Kana Nishino Releases ‘Distance’ PV + Lyrics

Haven’t posted for a while, I’ve been busy. My GPA was not so great…so I’m working hard this semester to boost it. Plus I’ve been out too. Anyway, it’s Thurs and I don’t have class on Fridays, so I decided to give myself a break and post. Kana Nishino’s new PV is out. I freaking … Continue reading