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Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to Teen Top’s Mini Album aRtisT

Teen Top is back with a new mini album, aRtisT. I don’t really get what’s with the random caps but ok LOL. Title track is ‘To You’. There are 6 tracks in total, one being an instrumental and another being a slow remix version of the title track. MV isn’t out yet. Replaced with MV. … Continue reading

Hangeul + Romanized + Translated Lyrics to Jaejoong’s Time Slip Dr. Jin OST ‘Living Like a Dream’

Jaejoong of DBSK/JYJ (Protect the Boss, Heaven’s Postman) starring in a new drama called Time Slip Dr. Jin, which started airing just this past weekend. I haven’t started yet, because I’ve been so wrapped up in watching the amazingly hilarious and quirky American sitcom New Girl. I also still need to finish the last two … Continue reading

Hangeul + Romanized + Translated Lyrics to the New Tracks of B1A4 Ignition Special Edition

Two new tracks in the special edition of Ignition. First being the title track, ‘Baby Good Night’ which has been sweeping the charts, and the second track ‘ Take out with full credits credit: MelOn + thelapan + moonlightunes translations: pop!gasa