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May Music Wrap Up and Favourites: EXO’s Luhan, David Choi, Geeks, Juniel, Monni, Jason Mraz and more.

It is June now; time flies. Can’t believe it’s been a month since I finished my second year of university already. Here’s a wrap up of all my musical favourites and opinions on the past month =)

I’m like a freaking crazy person right now. I swear, even with the twenty billion or so teasers and all the crazy fangirling on my tumblr dashboard, I wasn’t that interested in EXO. I literally only recognized Kai, Lay, and Luhan. I wasn’t really interested enough to figure out who was who, and I found the albums just decent. I was pretty annoyed “My Lady” didn’t get released in as a full version though because I freaking adore that track. Anyway, seeing the teaser photos and the MV didn’t make me like Luhan really. I even sort of criticized Luhan’s singing from his predebut audio track that was released on youtube. God knows what happened – I can’t stop spazzing about Luhan now. I think I saw him in Disney with his apple hair, which was cute, then all the HunHan shippers on tumblr, then the below airport photo which I reblogged…then I saw more angelic like photos of this dear boy, whom I thought was 16/17. I felt so uuughhhh and pedo-ey, and thought to myself “WHY ARE YOU A TODDLER”, until I realized it was Sehun who’s 17 and Luhan is 22 LOL.

Moaaar below the cut~

Then I saw more photos of him and was pretty much sold. And proceeded to really act like a fangirl. Seeing his photos and saying to myself, “ohhh my god YOU I hate you, stop being so cute, GO AWAY’ XD He has no invaded my laptop wallpaper and my phone’s wallpaper+menu theme background. Kill me, will ya?
ANYWAY, how is this musically related, me spazzing over this perfect being? It led to me listening to EXO’s music all last night. And beginning to love it more and more. God, the influence you have on me, you deer!

David Choi’s album ‘Forever and Ever’
This album came out around November last year, but I only actually started listening to him this month. Wongfu Productions uses his music a lot (they’re friends and they’ve made several MVs for him). Most recently, for their webseries Company Car, they used a song off this album called “Thinking of You” and I really liked it. But my favourite from his album is “Underneath Your Love”.
“Underneath Your Love”

I discovered them through their remake of Tamia’s “Officially Missing You”. It is so, sooo good (I prefer it to the original TBH)! It is more upbeat and their voices are total love. I think they’re pretty underground; their music style is rap and rnb, but it’s pretty unique in the Korean music scene. I quite enjoy their music.

Juniel’s ‘Fool’ ft. Jung Yong Hwa
I’ve definitely mentioned this at least twice. Juniel, a female artist under FNC (same company as CN Blue and FT Island) is making her Korean debut. She first released this single and will be releasing her mini album next week or so. I’m loving this kind of acoustic/k-indie like music lately, and the fact Yong Hwa is featured in it just makes it even better. Their voices blend together so well!

Pretty sure I’ve mentioned them before as well. Monni is a k-indie rock band. Clearly I’m really into indie music lately. Below is my favourite track of their most recent mini album, the live version of an older track called “레미제라블”, basically translated to “Les Miserables”.

Jason Mraz’s album ‘Love is a Four LetterWord’
The album was released in April but I only started listening last month…and I love him. And his album is amazing. Fantastic. Absolutely phenomenal. It’s really enjoyable to listen to it on a summer day. My fave tracks have to be “The Freedom Song”, “You Fckin Did It (live)”, “93 Million Miles”, and the hidden track, “I’m Coming Over”.

Others mentions:
Infinite‘s newest album is just so-so for me so far. I love them, and do love the album, but it pales in comparison to all my indie favourites this month XD And I do feel their past releases were stronger.
I’ve been enjoying Hello Venus as well. I like their title track “Venus” and LOL their track 1 “Hello”. But I’m not interested enough to look up more stuff about them.
Junsu‘s solo debut is interesting. The beat of “Tarantellegra” sounds exactly like “Xiahtic”…methinks Junsu recycled the beat.
Kana Nishino has a new single out, but it hasn’t been too memorable. It’s decent, but again, a bit forgettable. Same with Juliet‘s single. I find either I enjoy listening to them but rarely do their songs really get to me and get me hooked.
Yiruma has a new album out! Love new age piano music. I’ve been listening to it, and while instrumentals are pleasant to listen to, you never get to the point you’re obsessed and absolutely hooked. Well, sometimes you do. But rarely. With me anyway.
Baek Ji Young’s “Good Boy” ft. Junhyung is catchy but I find with her, I prefer her ballads. And with her ballads, they tend to be hit or miss with me. Either forgettable or, well, unforgettable.
Heo Young Saeng whom I wish would just get back with every other SS501 member and just freaking release something new together as a group, has a new solo mini album out. I absolutely adored “Let it Go”. It was so refreshing and fit him so well. This time around, it sounds generic. I’ve heard something like this before from n number of artists. Forgettable. Sorry!

Err I think I’ll end it here because for other stuff, it’s not too significant (for me) and a bit forgettable.

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