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What is moonlightunes?

A blog dedicated to bringing the best of the Asian music world, whether it be pop, hip hop, dance, rnb, or ballad, whether it be from South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, or Taiwan. While I have various sorts of posts from the past, this blog will now be dedicated to lyrics and posting the updates of new music/MVs. I may also offer recommendations or opinions.


What is uploaded by moonlightunes?

Mostly pictures, otherwise not much else. Most of the older pictures (before March or April 2009) are NOT uploaded by moonlightunes. New pictures from that time on, are uploaded by moonlightunes. NONE of the music is uploaded by me.

Can I hotlink and use the pictures here? What about the lyrics?

There is no problem; go ahead and hotlink pictures. I don’t mind; as long as you give me credit. Same with lyrics. Please just copy and paste the full credits, and add the “reup” part if you’re hotlinking pictures.

The author.

I’m a 20 year old Chinese accounting and international business student with a love for music. My interests in Korean culture circulated around kpop since watching watching my first kdrama (Full House) in 2004, and since then, my favourite group has become DBSK. My music taste has evolved over time, and I’m an avid fan of k-indie and jpop as well.

I had not posted on this blog for over a year, and even though I am beginning to post again, please do not expect too much, as I’m working an internship this Summer and it will be in my final year of university this coming Fall; I’m busy with work, school, and a social life.

You can reach me directly by commenting on the blog. I do have a tumblr HERE if you are interested.


53 thoughts on “About Moonlightunes

  1. continue updating kpop and jpop dude !

    Posted by chingsiang | 090423, 10:43 AM
  2. Heys!
    I love your site!
    Sorry this might sound lame, but let’s be friends ^^
    Name’s Sandy :)

    Posted by KimChi | 090912, 11:33 PM
  3. Hey, I’m NyNy! Shall we share links of blogs then?


    Posted by NyNy | 091002, 6:45 PM
  4. Hey NyNy! Sure thing ^^

    Posted by moonlightunes | 091002, 8:11 PM
  5. Hi Jen!
    Thank yous o much for your hard work :) I’m like you too.. Old enough to be Taemin’s noona and to be called unnie by IU.. I want to be able to call Jonghyun ‘oppa’ someday!! ><" Totally in love with him and SHINee XD

    Thank you for your hard work and I hope you get well soon!! I'm learning bits of Korean here and there on my own too so might have to ask you for help here and there ^^

    Get well soon! <3

    Posted by Esther | 091202, 12:38 PM
    • @Esther
      Thank you very much for your support. Actually i’m not sick anymore now XD just that I’m in my final exam period so I won’t be posting as much. My Korean is very limited, so I don’t think I’ll be able to help too much haha!

      Posted by moonlightunes | 091202, 7:12 PM
  6. Puahaha. I’ve made a massive achievement, at least I think so: managed to create an active account on me2day and posted on SHINee’s me2day XD i feel good *nods*

    Best of luck for the exams! Mine are in May/June but I’m stuck here at 2am writing about the causes of this economic crisis. Wonderful. I need more SHINee stuff to feed my addiction -.-

    It’s not cold where you’re living right? My toes are dropping off here =/

    Posted by Esther | 091206, 8:18 PM
    • HAHAHA that’s great! It’s those little things that make us happy. I’m a huge fan of DBSK (lol erm if you didn’t notice XD) and I’m a member of ONETVXQ forums. They did a 6th Anniversary project, and apart from the usual showering of gifts upon those beautiful and talented boys (HAHA imo of course. and 800 000 + others LOL. but feel free to disagree.) they also did a 6 Years of History + Fan Messages book, of which the members of the forum would have the opportunity to leave a message on the thread and whoever was in charge of the project would choose 50 that were most outstanding/creative. Donors would get a place for sure, as did the staff members. And obviously I left a message and it actually got in! Can’t tell you how estatic I was that DBSK would be reading that…if they…understand…so ya. It’s fine to feel like you’ve made a massive achievement. Because I felt like I made a massive achievement as well =P

      Thank you very much! I should be studying for my exam for tomorrow…I’ll be up till at least 1am tonight…I’d be up even later if my exam was in the morning, but thankfully it’s in the evening. Ah I’d like to post more SHINee stuff (and stuff in general) but…you know…studying…no time to browse youtube for hours like I usually do XD I’m already procrastinating right now actually. Procrastination just comes naturally to students right before a paper (paperssss) is due or during exam period.

      It can get really cold here. It hasn’t gotten too cold yet. It snowed a bit tonight. But not much.

      PHEW erm that was a long reply XD

      Posted by moonlightunes | 091207, 12:01 AM
  7. LOL! First off, I’m terribly sorry for the late reply! My laptop adaptor broke so I’ve had to use someone else’s for the time being.. It’s soo weird, not being able to look at my collected photos of Jjong every day =(

    Sad to say this, and please don’t be offended, O Mighty DBSK fan, but I only just recently started watching their variety shows.. They’re really really cool! I can’t say I understand entirely how it feels for you, such a loyal fan, to be experiencing their ‘break up’ with them, but I do know that it is heartbreaking to see your idols end up like this. It’s so sad.. And now there’s the whole ordeal of Hankyung possibly leaving SuJu *cries*

    Ahh it’s almost Christmas! I only have three weeks’ holiday from today to complete five final major essays for January.. Urghh.. I’ll start next week maybe.. I’m too absorbed in my 24 hours of daily youtubing to be doing work. Not in my right mind T_T Did your exams go well? I hope they did!! I guess you can take a massive break for now :D

    Hope to hear from you soon and here’s wishing you an early Merry Christmas ^____^

    PS. It’s snowing like crazy in London.. Well, not that bad but it’s been YEARS since we’ve had a white Christmas.. Kinda weird. For some reason I take it to be an ominous sign for the coming year.. Who knows =/

    Posted by Esther | 091222, 1:50 PM
  8. Ooohh!! And about me2day.. They don’t go on it much =( So I’m pretty inactive on it too.. And ohmygosh!! YOU ARE SOOO LUCKY!!! I wish I could meet SHINee!! I wish they knew about the existence of their British fans.. Sigh. I keep fantasising about meeting them and possibly being called onto the stage should they confirm their concert next year.. WE SHOULD GO TOGETHER!!! :DDDDDD

    Posted by Esther | 091222, 1:52 PM
    • hahaha, s’ok!
      lmfao i’m not offended. they really are cool =D love them so much. i was watching my DVD from The Secret Code album 2 days ago, and most of their ‘T’ concert is on the DVD, so i was watching that. and i realized there was this little box above that selection, so i clicked it, and started watching. i realized it was watching the concert WITH DBSK’s comments and stuff they said while they watched it! it was soo cool to hear them even though i had no idea what they said (japanese) but just listening to them talk made me crack up, since you could hear when they joked, and stuffs like that…makes me love them even more. *sigh* ya Hankyung’s thing T.T…apparently it might be a publicity stunt from SM Ent. to boost up sales for Super Junior’s upcoming concert though. i sorta hope it is even if it’s a pretty low down trick from SME..
      ooh man…essays -.- hate them. HAHA youtube is like our ultimate enemy! hm my exams went relatively ok, except my math exam. but my mark was still decent. yes massive break. =D this is soo relaxing ahhhh!
      aww. that sucks. but at least they have a me2day, right? DBSK does..not… -.- i wish i could meet DBSK too…and SHINee…and Super Junior…and a long list LOL cuz im greedy that way HAAA…hey, i can dream, right? =P

      Posted by moonlightunes | 091222, 9:29 PM
  9. ahhhh but you’re so much closer to Korea than i am!! i think it’s a little more than a 12 hour flight from London.. not sure but i am soo going! i HAVE to go! but.. my bank account doesn’t show any signs of saved up money atm.. *sobs*

    awww they really are cool! hilarious too! Yunho is soo good looking..XDXD i’m still in the midst of browsing youtube for all their variety shows and stuff. SK, EHB with SuJu (mighty hilarious), Come to Play, True or False. they’re really amazing and it’s so sad that things have turned out the way they have. and about Hankyung and the SM thing.. surely SNSD may be the next to revolt and why do I get the feeling Seohyun will be a loyal SMer? =/ although i think SNSD girls are all pretty loyal to SM.

    i hate math! soo much!! because i truly and utterly suck at it!!! you’d think asians (chinese, japanese, koreans) would be good at ’em but i’m soo not your stereotypical chink T_T i get annoyed just seeing numbers floating around.

    anyway.. time for more youtubing.. like, i just keep rewatching SHINee performances and variety shows. i’m soo happy i can read chinese cos there’s some stuff subbed in chinese too =D so i don’t have to sulk over the stuff that hasn’t been subbed in eng XDXD i keep rewatching idol army with 2PM too.. Jaebeom =(

    Posted by Esther | 091223, 7:40 AM
  10. omgoshhhhh was on allkpop and saw the photos of SHINee’s 2010 calendar… I WANT ONEEEE!!! GAAAAHHH JJONG LOOKS SOOOO DREAMY!!!! :OOOOOOOO i hope it’s available soon.. i’ve never bought any Korean goodies before but i WANT THAT CALENDAR T.T any ideas? yesasia maybe?

    Posted by Esther | 091223, 7:49 AM
    • i’ve only ever known yesasia haha and im sure yesasia has it. so i guess you can buy it on there.
      hmmm i don’t think i’m closer. i have like 17 hr flight i believe. i want to go too. but id wanna go when DBSK are promoting. i’d LOVE to go into when they’re filming for music shows and performing…it’d be awesome!!!!

      yes i know Yunho is good looking =D love all 5 of them, but imo, yunho and jaejoong are the hottest. i don’t think they’ll disband…well apparently the girlgroups’ have better contracts. yes some of them, they’re quite long (like 13 years), but their contracts are apparently more fair.

      LOL XD i hate it too. im not rly bad at it but not rly good at it either.

      omg idol maknae rebellion is hilarious. the eps w/ SHINee were to die for HAHAHAA and ya, it is good. cuz sometimes Chi subbers are faster ^^

      Posted by moonlightunes | 091223, 7:08 PM
  11. i’m in love with DBSK’s “You’re My Melody” and “Love In the Ice”.. They’ve just become my all time favourites. Not just favourites from DBSK, or favourites from all the groups but my favourite songs EVER.. Regardless. It’s so sad.. I really hope they’ll come back and perform as one again.

    I love Xiah Junsu =P

    Posted by Esther | 091226, 10:10 PM
    • HAHHAA you should listen to their Japanese stuff. i like a LOT of their Japanese music. I actually usually like their Japanese ballads more than their Korean ballads. And yes, those two songs are soo good. ‘Love in the Ice’ is one of my all time faves too. KEKE you’re a Junsu fan I see. He does sing super well though. I’ve yet to hear him go off key during a live.
      On a side note…-.- no Hankyung either for Super Junior perfs now. *sigh* look what SME has done.

      Posted by moonlightunes | 091228, 11:46 AM
  12. Ooo i’ll make sure to look into the Japanese stuff! i watched the live performances of the japanese version of LITI but i’m super hooked on korean stuff right now. used to be jpop now it’s kpop domination >:D ahh can’t wait for gayo daejun ^^ ikr! ughh. at least we can see Heechul on the night =(

    Posted by Esther | 091229, 5:03 AM
  13. Oh.. and Junsu is SUCH a sweetheart! i think i’m in love >:D puahahha.. he’s sooo cute dammit! but jeez.. i think i spaz every time i see his neck veins! so sexy *_* i’ve been youtubing their shows; they’re hilarious! currently watching bonjour paris :D

    Posted by Esther | 091229, 5:05 AM
    • HAHAHHAA you should watch his Xiahtic perf for The Secret Code. i think you’d faint LOL! i rewatched The Secret Code concert dvds twice cuz ya, im cool like that =P but ya i rly liked their solos.
      ahh well they have LOTS of rly good jap stuff. i like the Japanese vr of ‘Love in the Ice’ more too. ^^
      man i just spent all morning recapping the entire KBS Gayo Daejeon. some pretty epic perfs!

      Posted by moonlightunes | 091230, 2:37 PM
  14. oh no’s! happy belated new year! did you do much to celebrate? i stayed in like usual, youtubing and rpging XD hope 2010 brings tvxq together again!! ooo i’ll make sure to check that out (The Secret Code)

    monmonsnowHD uploaded most of the SBS performances but she’s taken them all down now i think >____< ganbatte~~!!

    hope 2010 brings you more lvoe and joyful things n__n stay healthy and happy always!

    Posted by Esther | 100102, 6:37 AM
    • hahah happy be-lated new yr to you too! naa didn’t rly celebrate. not big of a diff for me. there’s no diff between dec 31 09 and jan 1 10 lol it’s just another day. OMG rofl when that news about DBSK disbanding came out i like was about to smash a wall. thank GOD it wasn’t true. so ya i hope this whole lawsuit will be over with and done, and they comeback as ONE! (XD that rhymed HAA)

      ooh i didn’t get the vids from there.

      same to you too!

      Posted by moonlightunes | 100103, 11:12 AM
  15. aww i was watching Junsu on JeolChin last night..well, more like at 5am this morning XDXD my internal clock is sooo messed up! i sleep for 12-15 hours on average and have been waking up at 4pm most days this holiday =( i need to start on work soon.. back to uni on 11th and all my deadlines are on that day T_T and.. i still have yet to look for my folder =/

    omgomg i just read your updates on inkigayo – SHINee had their goodbye stage already?! :O nuuuuu! they won’t be back for months T_T this is soo gay! hmm akp and i think soshi forums have predicted SNSD’s comeback this month? if it is true then i can’t wait! and yeah.. SUCH a shame about DBSK. i really want them back! :( hope we get more news on HanKyung soon! when does your next semester start? 3 weeks’ holiday is nowhere near enough to be called ‘a break’. arghhhh!

    Posted by Esther | 100104, 10:38 AM
  16. LOL wooow i can never wake up that early…stay up late, wake up late XD my mom hates it. and 12-15 hrs! that’s a lot o.o i get more tired if i sleep more. i sleep 9-12 hrs. usually 10.
    ahh well hwaiting!
    yes they did -.- sucks. i know. i’m waiting for their comeback! whoa snsd back already? how come it feels like they never left o.o LOL 2pm has announced that they’re coming back in April…and they’re not even gone yet. XD And Hyori Lee’s coming back in Feb! Even though her singing live is so-so, she really has some pretty good music and dancing.
    i start in 2 weeks. 18th. fun. i have 4 weeks =D ah well. it’s better than the high school kids here. only 2 weeks. i wonder how i lived w/ only a 2 week holiday XD i’ll prob only have 1 week the semester after the next for xmas o.o uggggggh

    Posted by moonlightunes | 100104, 9:22 PM
  17. damn.. snsd having an encore concert o.O i swear they’ve been working all year? and that is one hell of a hefty fine for Kangin. where the hell’s he gonna get 8million won from?! omgomg kim jong kook’s mv teaser! his voice is soo nice!! D: and yejin is stunning as always. can’t wait for his comeback in what, like, 2 days?!

    aww lucky! you still have about a week off. i’ve got soo many essays to write, deadlines all week next week and endless presentations. who ever said uni life was fun?!

    ah. just watched tvxq’s break out mv.. it’s so sad that there wasn’t even a single shot of them together. all the yt comments presumed it was shot individually which is probably true :( that one animated spider that popped up on the screen scared me out of my wits! i have severe arachnophobia.. even if it’s an animated thing x_x

    Posted by Esther | 100113, 12:32 PM
    • ya i know. that’s why i feel like they never left lol…ah well 8 million won’s only about $8000 USD. it’s not too too bad. after all, it WAS a hit and run. i don’t think he should get off easily, cuz he’s a pubilc example to all those fans. and yes!! i can’t wait for his comeback…and 2AM’s too =DDD

      yupyup a week left. time goes by too fast when you’re having fun -.-

      i love the MV! jaejoong looks freaking hot. i was dying. i gasped rly loud when he first showed up and my mom was like what’s going on? did you gasp? and i was like ‘no!’ XD ooh i’m scared of spiders too. and bugs. but not rly rly intensely

      Posted by moonlightunes | 100114, 1:18 PM
  18. heyo! long time no write to you XDXD how have you been? ahh i’ve been bombarded with deadlines last week and this week. right about now i should be reading a 60 page literature on globalisation =| so demotivated T_T

    not really feeling snsd’s new track tbh, but really looking forward to the dark concept! oh is really too cutesy for me. idk, but i really liked gee though. and the news about sunmi :( why! that’s a rhetorical question btw. kpop is in ruins .. why can’t we go back to the days where TVXQ were performing and promoting as 5, the days where GD wasn’t facing conroversies about his music, to when 2PM was 7 and not 6… sigh. it hurts :(

    oh. have you watched SHINee’s hello baby? they’re hilarious! hahaha and i think someone’s already subbed their ep2 on makbanshi! can’t wait to watch it once some work is out of the way.

    how have you been?

    Posted by Esther | 100127, 3:35 PM
    • ya it’s been a long time haha but it’s ok. i know what it’s like to have lots of stuff to do.

      me neither. i’m totally not liking it. it’s like an attempt to make another ‘Gee’ for me. but failed. ‘Gee’ wasn’t that great IMO, but it was catchy. ‘Oh!’ is a bit catchy, but annoys me too. yeah Sunmi…the Wonderfuls are blaming JYP now. that brain map thing was a liiittle bit too over the top. total ouch! without JYP there would be NO Sunmi like we know today and no Wonder Girls…
      omg yes! SHINee are freaking adorable! i totally spazzed over them in their animal outfits XD

      i’ve been ok. being back to school isn’t fun. i feel like i’ve been back forever, but i’ve actually only been back for 2 weeks. but workload isn’t too intense. yet. i have a billion presentations and papers to write this semester. it’s ridiculous.

      Posted by moonlightunes | 100127, 5:07 PM
  19. oh and how could i forget suju! once 12, then performing as 10 =[

    Posted by Esther | 100127, 3:35 PM
  20. aww i haven’t seen the episode with the animal outfits yet! only the preview :( think it’ll be chin/eng subbed this coming week. can’t wait! ohemgee did you watch their makbanshi part 2? they’re adorableeee! and i loved Taemin’s dance solo XD and Jjong and Onew are just <" gonna procrastinate a bit more first =p trying to find the most recent episode of StarKing to watch! +++ oil with the work!! :)

    Posted by Esther | 100130, 9:34 AM
  21. ** it didn’t post my msg properly =[

    aww i haven’t seen the episode with the animal outfits yet! only the preview :( think it’ll be chin/eng subbed this coming week. can’t wait! ohemgee did you watch their makbanshi part 2? they’re adorableeee! and i loved Taemin’s dance solo XD and Jjong and Onew are just <" gonna procrastinate a bit more first =p trying to find the most recent episode of StarKing to watch! +++ oil with the work!! :)

    Posted by Esther | 100130, 9:35 AM
  22. ** it didn’t post my msg properly =[

    aww i haven’t seen the episode with the animal outfits yet! only the preview :( think it’ll be chin/eng subbed this coming week. can’t wait! ohemgee did you watch their makbanshi part 2? they’re adorableeee! and i loved Taemin’s dance solo XD and Jjong and Onew are just <33 Key's After School dance was EPIC! :O :D X *spazzz* i can't wait for their comeback!!

    Posted by Esther | 100130, 9:35 AM
  23. i finally got round to checking out snsd’s new tracks. i really didn’t want to though. don’t like show3 tbh, but i really fell for star3! it’s a beautiful song and their vocals are showcased pretty well there. still, jessica’s voice still annoys me though. and as much as i told myself oh wouldn’t grow on me.. i already know the lyrics T_T gaaah…

    and about WG, i just hope Sunmi and the rest of the girls get their desired rest time. they’ve been travelling so much with so many schedules ahead. i think it’s time they returned to Korea and prepared a new album. being abroad is great and all but their music doesn’t really fit the Western market. Nobody is as far as it goes.

    same same! i’ve got presentations to do and lecture notes to read up on, and hundreds of pages of reading to do. i dun wanna ><" gonna procrastinate a bit more first =p trying to find the most recent episode of StarKing to watch! +++ oil with the work!! :)

    Posted by Esther | 100130, 9:36 AM
    • i haven’t watched makbanshi yet. i’ve been juggling 2 dramas, and then star king too XD AND schoolwork. and must practice dance.
      seriously, procrastination is always haunting me. but at least i got one of my assignments done! still got one to deal w/…which i haven’t started XD because i was watching a drama LOLOL
      ya, ‘Star Star Star’ really is great! i wasn’t rly hooked onto any of the tracks except that song. but after seeing their perf of ‘Show Show Show’ today, i like it more. Sunny and Hyoyeon’s voices were sooo pitchy though >.< 'Oh!' is a crappy song but it's annoyingly catchy. -.- not just for you, but me too gaaah
      ya they released ANOTHER vr of 'Nobody'…ugggh i wish they'd get away from that song already!

      Posted by moonlightunes | 100130, 4:07 PM
  24. I know right! Arghhh they seriously need to stop with that. The Chinese version wasn’t even all that. I don’t like Show3 =[ Only like Star3 but yes.. OH is really catching on! Ooo you take dance classes? Street? Kpop dance? Bboying? Haha. That must be nice though.. Some form of exercise at least. I don’t exercise at all =/ Just sit at home on my flat arse watching korean stuff all day >< Can you watch SK without subs? I'm guessing your knowledge and understanding of Korean must be extremely fluent! It takes ages for sK to load on tudou with Chinese subs though =[ What dramas are you watching btw? I should start watching some again.. I kind of stopped cos I wasn't patient enough for the story to keep going T_T I still need to start IRIS.. eek!

    Woot! I've got more reading to do now.. for uni. Fun :/

    Posted by Esther | 100201, 2:31 PM
    • the accents were so :S hard to tell what they were singing. but partially it might also be my crappy mando skills hahahaa
      yes ‘Star Star Star’ rly is good. ‘Talk to Me’ isn’t too bad either. i like the jazzy feel to it.
      naa i don’t take dance classes. i did for a while waaay back in like elementary school but not as a serious class. i have to practice dance for a show XP a Korean show to be exact. i’m doing ‘Genie’ kekekeee. as for exercise…na i don’t exercise too much. but i have a phys ed. class this semester which forces me to exercise 2 hrs during that class. and plus i have to do an hour outside class.
      lol ya i watch SK without subs…but no my Korean rly isn’t good at ALL. it’s just cuz SK is one of those shows where you can still enjoy even if you don’t understand what they’re saying, unlike Star Golden Bell or Strong Heart. i can sometimes get a jist of what they’re saying, but err my krn still sucksssss
      i’m watching Smile, You =DDD it’s rly cute. i’m on ep 28. i also was watching a dorama called Mei-chan no Shitsuji, and i finished just today. i was watching Will it Snow for Christmas? during my break but i pretty much stopped because after the first 2 super intriguing eps (i bawled my eyes out too LOL)…it got boring for me. i stopped at ep8. hm never watched IRIS. it’s one of those dramas where you either hate it or love it. i’ve got friends who looove it, going through like 17 eps in a day (LOL YES 17! THAT’S LIKE 20 HOURS) and other friends who hate it and say it’s rly bad.

      Posted by moonlightunes | 100201, 8:01 PM
  25. HELLO! Haha. Dearest Jen, how have you been? Sorry for not having been in touch. Think it’s been exactly two months since I’ve written back? And I see you’ve still been adamant with your postings! So dedicated!
    I’ve just been crazily busy with uni work load tbh. I have three weeks left and then it’s a month off for revision then eggsams… *SPAZ* what to do =| I don’t know anything… Gonna have to cram again ><" How's uni going for you? And those papers? I'm lost in the midst of my endless research papers T_T Other than that, haven't been doing much, or really keeping up with the kpop. Deactivatecd my fb and I don't even miss it. That says A LOT xD

    Oooo have you learnt the whole, Genie dance then? Post a tutorial or something! It'd be great to see I'm sure! :D I remember the whole dance.. Just not going to attempt to even do it! Wow. That's a hell lot of exercise. And that's good! I don't do any at all =/ Couch potato.
    Ikr. Ditto. Love Starking but I've been MIA on the variety shows too. Sigh. I miss it. I miss watching dramas too. Aaaaah. =(
    Omgosh I loved Mei-chan no Shitsuji manga! I remember I watched the first episode of the drama but it was a bit weird =/ How did you find it? Oooo sad dramas. I want to watch some! Lolol. A year or two ago I was the exact same as your friends. I wouldn't stop until I finished the whole thing! So I went days without sleeping?? Haha XD
    Hope everything has been going well. I can't wait till summer.. I'm gonna go day dream for a bit before I go back to my research. *yawn* Take care :)

    Posted by Esther | 100310, 9:09 AM
    • haha it’s ok. i know how busy things can get…sort of in it right now XD
      ahh icic. at least you only have 3 weeks left! ya i’ve been in the middle of midterms, presentations, and papers. lack of sleep T.T should study right now in fact XD ah but i’ve got tomorrow and sun, i might as well relax tonight while i can. wow you deactivated fb!? a lot of my friends do that during exam periods too actually hahaa
      yup learnt the whole ‘Genie’ dance. sooo many position switches though, it’s hard to remember. and i haven’t practiced for a while either cuz of schoolwork. and no rofl no tutorials! not my thing XD
      i haven’t been rly watching dramas either. got to ep 36 of Smile, You and stopped cuz i didn’t rly have time. i know jang geun suk’s gonna be acting in the krn vr. of My Pet (originally jap…with matsumoto jun from arashi) i’m very curious to watch it. nvr watched the jap vr tho. apparently it was rly good. i just hope it doesn’t get ruined like some dramas *cough*boysoverflowers*cough*
      ahhh i want summer toooooooooo!!!
      i shall be going now. you take care too! you’ll survive!

      Posted by moonlightunes | 100312, 11:19 PM
  26. Lol Jen orz

    Posted by o3o | 100609, 2:14 PM
  27. may i use your layout, please? how can you get shinee layout?? that’s amazing!! ^^

    Posted by Jojo | 100914, 10:07 PM
    • Actually, the layout is a theme at wordpress. I see you have blogspot, so I can’t really help you with that one XD
      As for the background, I made that myself. You can use the background but please credit me.

      Posted by moonlightunes | 100926, 4:33 PM
      • sorry to bother but i’m new here.i have a question how can i manage my account on wordprees? if you could help me i’ll apreciatte..thankyou

        Posted by nayeli | 101217, 5:44 PM
  28. i like your blog. hehe. and i added your link in my blog [bebeytan.blogspot.com] =p

    Posted by bebeytan | 110126, 1:31 PM
  29. Is it bad that I instantly liked you once I saw the DBSK wallpaper and AVs? Cos I did hhaha! TVXQ Hwaiting! I almost cried watching their variety shows Saying things like
    *We’re only DBSK when all five of us are together* after the breakup T.T
    Oh God please help them!! JYJ has though practicaly won the lawsuit with regards to their contract, and S.M inteferring each time is like a 20,000,000 won fine … I think? but thats less of a chance of them getting back together how awful!!
    argh You know the feeling when you are just about to cry just hearing about their story and was actually alive when it happened? haha does this make any sense to you? Well I guess I’m saying this isn’t just any lawsuit against a company cos it’s a DBSK lawsuit…
    Sorry If I’m just taking up space there isn’t really anyone where I live that’s reallly into the TVXQ situation…

    Posted by ralalala^^ | 110228, 8:05 AM
    • Hahahaha it’s not bad at all! Cassies unite, right? ^^

      Whenever any of my friends say that they’re broken up…I immediately deny it and say ‘it’s not official!’

      Posted by moonlightunes | 110304, 10:56 PM
  30. First time user here.
    Just want to say that the background is kind of distracting (since the guy is so attention grabbing).
    And it makes the white text sort-of hard to read.

    Thanks for the blog nontheless.

    Posted by mw1312 | 110401, 9:19 PM
  31. Hi,moonlightunes!~
    I love to know that u are a cassie too,just like me!
    you know what,I’ve been a kpop listener for almost 6 years and the one and only artist/group that I’ve loved since the first time I heard their song on the radio till now is only these 5 amazing guys,dbsk~
    Well,I’ve loved other idols such as SuJu and 2PM before,but after watching their MVs or varitey shows but for dbsk,I began to love their unique voices+nice songs before knowing who they are actually. and of course,my first love song with dbsk is forever love,so i guess that’s why I can’t stop loving them and keep on falling in love with them again n again~~~
    So,forever love for tohoshinki~AKTF! and to all cassies especially you,moonlightunes, stay strong,just ignore whatever people r saying n remember cassies+dbsk= everlasting LOVE~~ (>.<)~~

    Posted by cassie1512 | 110511, 12:19 AM
  32. Thanks for everything <3 :D

    Posted by Rannoo | 111027, 1:13 PM
  33. hey, i like your site very much, thank you for all the work behind it !
    you are a wonderfull person :) :)

    Posted by karla | 130419, 1:16 PM
  34. Hey,
    it’s me again.Thank you for your tumbr too :) I love and enjoy this site very much :) -just every day ;)
    And i love Luhan, he is so cute :) :)
    Your posts make me laugh and smile, just happy and they give me hope for each day :)
    That’s why i want to thank you.

    Posted by karla | 130430, 1:49 PM

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