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Clearly I’ve been on hiatus for a very. long. time. Here’s some Luhan making hearts to make up for it LOL (yaaaa if you can’t tell, I’m in love with this kid. And EXO. My tumblr has been invaded by him with a dash of EXO and other random stuff.) Uni just sucks up my … Continue reading

那些年 Those Bygone Years.

Originally posted on toki wo tomete 時を止めて:
Normally I don’t listen to many Chinese songs, as I often find them bland and similar to one another. It’s often Taiwanese songs that break through this, and my latest addiction is no exception. The main OST for the super popular Taiwanese movie ‘那些年,我們一起追的女孩 (You are the Apple of…

Originally posted on toki wo tomete 時を止めて:
Cannot. Contain. My Feels. I’m such a spazzy fangirl right now zomgggggggg *dies* I don’t rly care for TTS but GUH LUHAN’S ENGLISH AND VOICE AND JUST WAAAAAH. Exo pop up around the 1min mark. Chanyeol D.O. Sehun and Luhan are performing. Luhan’s part is at 1:37!!! I just…

Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to BEAST’s Midnight Sun Mini Album

My last post was almost a month ago, but same as before, I’ve been pretty busy with work and all! I’ve had lots to do this month, especially with friends being here to visit and all, so this blog sort of went out of my mind. Anyway, BEAST is back with their new mini album, … Continue reading

Romanji Lyrics to Namie Amuro’s ‘Let’s Go’

Let’s Go PV HERE I’m still alive! Just busy busy with work and then after work I just feel lazy XD Quick post. I’ve been hooked onto Namie Amuro’s new track ‘Let’s Go’ from her new album Uncontrolled. There’s only 4 new songs (all the other tracks were on her past singles -.-) and this … Continue reading

Chinese + Pinyin Lyrics to Olivia Ong’s Absolute Boyfriend OST Track ‘明明’

I’ve been in love with this song as of late. Olivia Ong’s song ‘明明’ for the Absolute Boyfriend (Taiwanese ver) OST. I think it’s because some of the lyrics just really fit how I’m feeling. ‘明明’ in pinyin is ‘ming ming’, and closest translation would be…obviously? It’s hard to explain in just word. More like… … Continue reading

Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to Wonder Girls’ Mini Album Wonder Party

Second big release of the night; Wonder Girls’ new mini album Wonder Party. The MV basically consists of a flash mob that WG had to film for the video. An upbeat electronic track, that I definitely prefer to “Be My Baby”. I’ve never been a huge fan of WG; I find most of their songs … Continue reading

Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to Big Bang’s Special Edition Album Still Alive

Lyrics to Big Bang’s special edition album Still Alive! The title track ‘Monster’ is decent but I’m not really hooked. The MV is lolzy…like their past couple of MVs have been…the hair omg I can’t with the hair XD Taeyang has been really getting some bizarre looks. What is with that mickey mouse hair and … Continue reading

May Music Wrap Up and Favourites: EXO’s Luhan, David Choi, Geeks, Juniel, Monni, Jason Mraz and more.

It is June now; time flies. Can’t believe it’s been a month since I finished my second year of university already. Here’s a wrap up of all my musical favourites and opinions on the past month =) EXO…Luhan I’m like a freaking crazy person right now. I swear, even with the twenty billion or so … Continue reading

Hangeul + Romanized + Translated Lyrics to Yesung’s (Super Junior) I Do I Do OST

New kdrama OST from I Do I Do starring Kim Sun Ah (Scent of a Woman, City Hall, My Name is Kim Sam Soon) and Lee Jang Woo (Man of Honor, Three Brothers). The track is called ‘Her Over Flowers’, sung by Yesung of Super Junior. I haven’t started watching this either, but it’s on … Continue reading