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那些年 Those Bygone Years.

Originally posted on toki wo tomete 時を止めて:
Normally I don’t listen to many Chinese songs, as I often find them bland and similar to one another. It’s often Taiwanese songs that break through this, and my latest addiction is no exception. The main OST for the super popular Taiwanese movie ‘那些年,我們一起追的女孩 (You are the Apple of…

Chinese + Pinyin Lyrics to Olivia Ong’s Absolute Boyfriend OST Track ‘明明’

I’ve been in love with this song as of late. Olivia Ong’s song ‘明明’ for the Absolute Boyfriend (Taiwanese ver) OST. I think it’s because some of the lyrics just really fit how I’m feeling. ‘明明’ in pinyin is ‘ming ming’, and closest translation would be…obviously? It’s hard to explain in just word. More like… … Continue reading

[REQUESTED] Chinese + Pinyin + Translated Lyrics to HIT-5’s ‘Scared of You’

Requested by jessy, lyrics to HIT-5’s ‘Scared of You’. I already had Chinese lyrics up but didn’t know if anyone wanted the pinyin or anything…I just took the lyrics from the youtube video above, so kudos to the subber lilpinkfrog. It took a fair bit of time copying and formatting it like I did though. … Continue reading

Wilbur Pan Releases ‘全面通緝 (Most Wanted)’ MV

Wilbur Pan (Will Pan) released a MV for a new song called ‘全面通緝 (Most Wanted)’ that’s going to be in his new album 808 which will be released on the 14th. Pretty cool storyline, and he looks hot in the scenes where he’s in handcuffs =P The hair’s a bit too much in the close … Continue reading

HIT-5’s ‘怕了你 (Scared of You)’ Full MV Starring Minah (Girl’s Day) Released

HIT-5’s full MV for ‘怕了你 (Scared of You)’ is out =D The MV stars Minah of Korean girl group Girl’s Day (who I personally don’t find really pretty XD). I love this song <3 The MV’s nothing really special, but enjoyable either way.

HIT-5 Releases ‘怕了你 (Scared of You)’ MV Teaser Starring MinAh (Girl’s Day) + Chinese Lyrics

HIT-5, a Chinese boyband is making a comeback with a new EP (mini album) called Running. They released two of their songs ‘Running’ and ‘怕了你 (Scared of You)’ as singles. I quite like them. They reminded me of DBSK in their last album with a twist. Their new song ‘Running’ is similar to U-KISS. But … Continue reading

[REQUESTED] Chinese + Pinyin + Translated Lyrics to Nicholas Teo’s ‘Little Turtle’

Lyrics to Nicholas Teo’s ‘Little Turtle (小烏龜)’ from Smiling Pasta OST. Requested by Frida. I know you only asked for the pinyin but I found trans and Chinese with it too…so here it is. I made some edits to the lyrics since the source didn’t show any of the repeats. credit: pinyin-zik.over-blog.com + moonlightunes TAKE … Continue reading

New JYPE Girlgroup Miss A Reveals ‘Love Again’ MV

New JYPE girl group Miss A is set to debut in June for the Chinese market, and their MV for ‘Love Again’ was revealed. Jo Kwon of 2AM tweeted about them in addition to posting the link to the MV. The song sounds alright, I guess.

Danson Tang’s ‘I’m Back’ ft. Amber of f(x)

Taiwanese actor/singer Danson Tang is making a comeback after 17 months (WOOT!!! =DDD) and his new song ‘I’m Back’ features Amber of f(x). The song was aired on the radio today and the MV will be released on the 7th. Amber doesn’t rap in Mandarin though…she raps in English and Korean. I’m digging this song. … Continue reading

Chinese + Pinyin + Translated Lyrics to F.Cuz’s ‘Jiggy (Chinese Ver.)’ ft. Yao Yao

After several requests, I’ve gone through the effort of looking up the Chinese lyrics for F.Cuz’s ‘Jiggy (Chinese ver.)’ ft. whats-her-face Yao Yao, did my best with the Chinese characters to get the pinyin (Mandarin is not my mother tongue…Cantonese is), and also did my best to translate (it’s a rough translation). I’m still translating … Continue reading

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