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駱胤鳴 (Lok Yun Min) & 譚杰希 (Tan Jie Xi) ‘如果我是個男孩要帶女朋友回家’ Performance + DL + Lyrics

If you’re a HK-er, you may recognize this. 駱胤鳴 (Lok Yun Ming) and 譚杰希 (Tan Jie Xi)’s duet on The Voice aka 超級巨聲 (a TVB singing competition show) ‘如果我是個男孩要帶女朋友回家’ (rough translation is ‘If I Was Boy I Must Bring My Girlfriend Home’…and no NOT in sexual way, as into see the parents lol) I’m usually … Continue reading

Preview + DL DBSK’s ‘With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~’!

OK, I just HAVE to put this up!!! Preview to DBSK’s new song ‘With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~’ =DDDDD It’ll be on DBSK’s Best Selection 2010. WHEEEE! DBSK FTW Download HERE File Size: 3.45 MB Bit Rate: 128 Kbps Duration: 00:03:46 credit: kokayz @ livejournal + 100days

[RECOMMENDED!!!]DBSK’s Stand By U (Orgel-Music Box Ver)

so i was out all day so i haven’t posted anything. and i’m way too tired and lazy to post up anything more either. so ya i’m just making this post. a Music Box vr of DBSK’s ‘Stand By U’! it’s sooo pretty, i LOVE IT. i’m a sucker for music box versions for songs … Continue reading

[RECOMMENDED!!!]3 min 10 sec Preview to DBSK’s ‘Break Out’ + Download!

Erm, give me amoment while I scream of happiness!!!! *SCREAMS* Ok. Back. XD DBSK has released a 3 min and 10 sec preview of ‘Break Out’!!!! WHEEEEEEE! And…awesome old me is sharing a link for the download! Yes I know I’m awesome =P The song is freaking awesome YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! File Name: Break Out (3m10s Preview).mp3 … Continue reading

KAT-TUN’s Jin to Star in ‘Bandage’ + Radio Rip of ‘Bandage’ OST!

A treat for jpop lovers! Especially for those who like KAT-TUN, and in particular, Jin. Anyway, KAT-TUN member Akanishi Jin is going to star in an upcoming movie called ‘Bandage’ that will be released January 16th 2010. The movie’s set in the early 90s, when an influx of new j-rock bands appeared on the Japanese … Continue reading

FULL HQ of JaeChun Duet ‘COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~’

The FULL HQ vr of JaeChun’s duet ‘COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony~ is out on youtube! The single will be released on the 30th. I actually already had the song in LQ, so I’m used to listening to it. But I almost always make sure I listen to HQ 320 kbps songs now; sounds way … Continue reading

Akon ft. BoA + Kardinal Offishal’s Song ‘Beautiful’ is Out

Akon’s song ‘Beautiful’ featuring BoA has been released. She sounds really good in the song, even though it’s not a big part in the song. The song will be on BoA’s deluxe Japan album. It’s just her first English album, but a repackage and only in Japan. Download the song HERE . credit: bokachu90 @ … Continue reading

Official Japanese Vr. of ‘Sorry Sorry’ + Offshot Movie + Interview

Super Junior have released a Japanese vr. of ‘Sorry Sorry’! Listen to it and you can download it HERE. The vid isn’t actually the MV for the Jap vr. It’s just the original MV and the uploader replaced the audio with the Jap vr. of the song. The song takes some time getting used to … Continue reading

‘Sorry Sorry’ Remixes!

God I’m in LOVE with teh RnB vr…it’s so GOOOD GAAAAH *dies* Listen to the RnB vr…it says that Suju-KRY ft. Yoo Young Jin sang it but it’s actually just Yoo Young Jin. He’s a SM Producer. And he was the one who wrote ‘Sorry Sorry’. Here’s a DL for it…click HERE And here’s another … Continue reading

Checkmate HQ Download (Yunho’s solo from DBSK’s 3rd Asia Tour Concert – Mirotic)

PHEW I haven’t posted a download for a long long time. Here’s one I decided to share…and I won’t put it under pw protection for this one. *don’t worry, they’re not really kissing XP* Released: – Type: Song Genre: Pop/Dance U-Know Yunho’s Solo during the 3rd Asia Tour – Mirotic: Checkmate DOWNLOAD HERE credit: Leelath … Continue reading

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