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Clearly I’ve been on hiatus for a very. long. time. Here’s some Luhan making hearts to make up for it LOL (yaaaa if you can’t tell, I’m in love with this kid. And EXO. My tumblr has been invaded by him with a dash of EXO and other random stuff.) Uni just sucks up my … Continue reading

e.via’s ‘Shake!’ MV is #1 and Gaining Attention

Petite rapper e.via released her new mini album Must Have and the MV to her title track, ‘Shake!’ yesterday. It’s been getting a lot of attention from netizens. She went up to #1 on GomTV Some are saying it’s inappropriate and others think it’s ok. I think it’ll probably get banned XD Her company said … Continue reading

moonlightunes K-celeb Twitter Following List

This is a truly RANDOM post. I’m getting right back to work after this. It’s just that Gahee from After School got Twitter and I am weirdly estatic LOLZ XD Probably because I have a huge girl crush on her; she’s so prettyyyyy and dances so well and her singing is good GAAAAAAAH <3 So … Continue reading

Jaebum Creates a Youtube Account + ‘Nothing on You’ Cover

Some surprising news has surfaced. Jay Park, none other than Jaebum who was 2PM’s leader and left, created a youtube account ‘jayparkaom’ of which he left a message and a cover of a song called ‘Nothing on You’. Here’s his message on the side… Wassup everyone i’d like to thank all the fans that have … Continue reading

One Year Already?! + GIFs

Wow guys, it’s been already a year since I first opened this blog…from being a DL site, to a news site, to a random where I just throw in everything I like blog XD Well, at this moment as I type I see that this blog has had…439,667 hits! Thanks so much for all the … Continue reading

Results to October Poll: Favourite Korean Idol Boyband? + Treat!

And here are the final results to October’s poll… The winner is…Dong Bang Shin Ki! There were a total of 1533 votes! To celebrate, here’s a treat for those fans under the cut! ^^ **Just so you guys know, they’re ALL supposed to me moving GIFs, so if you don’t see them moving, just click … Continue reading

New: Lyrics Page

Hi guys, Well, just wanted to let you guys know that I’ve created a new page called Lyrics. It basically has all the lyrics in language and alphabetical order. I realize my lyrics posts have been building up a bit, so I wanted to categorize the posts so it’d be easier for people to navigate … Continue reading

Recommended Music (04/08/09)

It’s been a LONG time since I did this. And I felt like doing this today so ya, here we go ^^ 1) F.T. Island — I Hope (Barae) HAHA but of course :P I’m so in love with the song. Well…I wish the boys didn’t cut their hair or dye it carrot orange XD … Continue reading

Happy 27th Birthday to Super Junior Leader Eeteuk!

Happy 26th (27 in Korea) bday to our Super Junior leader, Eeteuk! He’s always such a hilarious guy, cracking us up and giving a lot of joy in our lives! Here’s a vid of how Eeteuk celebrated on KTR :)

Big Bang #2 on Oricon Chart + Important Note

Big Bang released their debut Japanese single ‘My Heaven’, and has been doing well on the Oricon chart. The single was released on the 24th of June, and it was at #4. It climbed the chart to #3 the following day, and 5 days after, it has reached #2. The group will be releasing a … Continue reading