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Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to Wonder Girls’ Mini Album Wonder Party

Second big release of the night; Wonder Girls’ new mini album Wonder Party. The MV basically consists of a flash mob that WG had to film for the video. An upbeat electronic track, that I definitely prefer to “Be My Baby”. I’ve never been a huge fan of WG; I find most of their songs … Continue reading

May Music Wrap Up and Favourites: EXO’s Luhan, David Choi, Geeks, Juniel, Monni, Jason Mraz and more.

It is June now; time flies. Can’t believe it’s been a month since I finished my second year of university already. Here’s a wrap up of all my musical favourites and opinions on the past month =) EXO…Luhan I’m like a freaking crazy person right now. I swear, even with the twenty billion or so … Continue reading

[RECOMMENDED!!!] 4Men’s ‘Hello!’ Mashup from alikstae/Rex Rowdee

This remix is so freaking amazing. alikstae aka Rex Rowdee remixes kpop tracks and I was never too into them, but recently after hearing his ‘Like a G6’ remix I started checking out more of his other stuff. So. Good. Total ear candy. Other tracks I’m in love with is ‘dB Rider Outta My Way’, … Continue reading

[REQUESTED] Lyrics to Big Bang’s ‘Make Love’

Big Bang’s ‘Make Love’ lyrics, from their Number 1 album (Japanese), requested by Apo. Note: video above is not the official MV, it is FANMADE. credit: yg_bigbang + makikawaii @ blogspot TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT

[REQUESTED] Lyrics to Taeyang’s ‘Connection’ ft. Bigtone (English Version)

English lyrics to ‘Connection’ ft. Bigtone by Taeyang, as requested by Jennifer. Enjoy. credit: MelOn + moonlightunes TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT

Taeyang’s ‘I’ll Be There’ MV Revealed + Lyrics

Lyrics to Taeyang’s new single ‘I’ll Be There’ (English and korean versions). Plus the MV was just revealed. Enjoy credit: MelOn + thelapan + moonlightunes TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT

Danson Tang’s ‘I’m Back’ ft. Amber of f(x)

Taiwanese actor/singer Danson Tang is making a comeback after 17 months (WOOT!!! =DDD) and his new song ‘I’m Back’ features Amber of f(x). The song was aired on the radio today and the MV will be released on the 7th. Amber doesn’t rap in Mandarin though…she raps in English and Korean. I’m digging this song. … Continue reading

Wonder Girls Reveals ‘2 Different Tears’ MV + English Lyrics

Wonder Girls released their debut U.S. album 2 Different Tears through iTunes, and here’s the title track MV, also aptly named ‘2 Different Tears’ It’s a retro-influenced track, and it totally gives me a 90s vibe. However, I have to say I prefer the remix. The tune’s pretty catchy. English version: Korean version: Mandarin version: … Continue reading

Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to Rain/Bi’s Special Album Back to the Basic

Hangeul and romanized lyrics to Rain/Bi’s special EP, Back to the Basic. Lyrics to ‘Love Song (The Song That Will Get You)’ are already posted and can be found HERE. The english version of ‘Love Song’ can be found under the cut, if that’s what you’re looking for. credit: Mnet + thelapan + moonlightunes TAKE … Continue reading

Akon ft. BoA + Kardinal Offishal’s Song ‘Beautiful’ is Out

Akon’s song ‘Beautiful’ featuring BoA has been released. She sounds really good in the song, even though it’s not a big part in the song. The song will be on BoA’s deluxe Japan album. It’s just her first English album, but a repackage and only in Japan. Download the song HERE . credit: bokachu90 @ … Continue reading

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