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Scans of Welcome to BEAST Airline 2011 Photo Set

BEAST had their first concert on the 12th, and here are scans from their Welcome to BEAST Airline 2011 photo set! =D I have a huuuuge bias for Junhyung right now(you’d prob know if you read any of my posts on ‘Lights Go On Again’ and ‘Beautiful’ MV ), and I still love KiKwang of … Continue reading

SHINee for 2011 SM Calendar

Haven’t posted pics in a while sooo…SHINee for the 2011 SM Calendar! So cuuuuute! ZOMG Jonghyun with glasses *drools* and I LOOVE the scans where you have 3 shots of all 5 of them <3 credit: as tagged + shinee baidu bar + SFI + reup: moonlightunes TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT + reup if … Continue reading

SHINee for High Cut Magazine VOL.36 and Junior Magazine September Issue

I came across these pics of SHINee while on frapbois…yes! =D I went back on SFI to do a ltl research, and turns out the pics are actually scans from High Cut magazine. Frapbois of course did some retouching so the scans don’t look like scans and everything looks great ^^ Lacoste clothing I see…they … Continue reading

JYJ (Jaejoong + Yoochun + Junsu) Mini Album The… Scans

Scans to JYJ’s (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) mini album The… There’s a 128kbps leak floating around the internet but it’s NOT actually officially released yet till the 8th…I’m so excited! I would totally buy it but I don’t have money at all -.- I owe my friend $50 LOL. With super expensive textbooks and the summer … Continue reading

Yunho in Evisu for ELLE September 2010 Issue

About a week late but still, better than never? It’s been ages since I posted up pics so…here we are! Yunho for Evisu in Elle magazine’s September issue! Again lolz, but ah well I don’t mind, he always looks hot in the Evisu shoots. *Click click click click* to see full size =P (anybody recognize … Continue reading

Previews to Playful Kiss/Mischievous Kiss Starring Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) + Jung So Min

As I’ve posted previously HERE, the Taiwanese drama It Started With a Kiss is being remade into a Korean version, Playful Kiss/Mischievous Kiss. The drama will be premiering on the 1st of September as a Wednesday-Thursday show (RIGHT when I start school…LOVELY LOLZ IM SO GONNA BE CONCENTRATED ON SCHOOL). The drama stars Kim Hyun … Continue reading

Super HQ Scans of Yunho (DBSK) in Marie Claire Korea July 2010 Issue

Haven’t posted any pics for a while so…here we are! This photoshoot is amazingly HOT. Yunho looks drop dead gorgeous in this shoot. THANK YOU Marie Claire Korea =DDD And of course thank you frapbois for uploading super hq scans! I know scans appeared a few days ago but I wanted to wait for super … Continue reading

Scans of Junsu (DBSK) in Arena37C Magazine June Issue

Scans of Xiah Junsu in Arena37c, June issue! Really fits his ‘Intoxication’ concept. Duck butt dolphin looks super mature now. Was rewatching DBSK’s debut the other day and wow…reminincsed on those times…they were so young then. Anyway, enjoy! credit: Baidu + kokayz @ LJ + reup: moonlightunes TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT + reup if … Continue reading

Junsu (DBSK) Scans for ELLE Men (May) + Harper Bazaar + Smart Magazines

OK so I totally feel obligated to update today as I said yesterday night…or more like today at 1 in the morning LOLZ for some reason though I feel like I have nothing to update. So yar then I found some Junsu photoshoot scans from 2 magazines. One for a Japanese magazine called Harper Bazaar … Continue reading

Yunho (DBSK) in Evisu for May Issue of Nylon Magazine [Super HOT!!!]

Yunho in Evisu for May issue of Nylon mag =D He looks smoking hot. It looks like he dyed his hair a lighter colour as well. Or it might just be the lighting that makes his hair look lighter. Cuz in one of the pics, his hair is REALLY light coloured compared to his hair … Continue reading