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Blast from the Past: Clazziquai – She Is (My Name is Kim Sam Soon OST)

This song is old. Quite old. Have any of you ever watched the drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon, starring Hyun Bin (where I first discovered this hot guy and sort of died inside LOL) and Kim Sun Ah? Well the drama’s from 2005, so the song’s like 5 years old, as is the … Continue reading

Blast from the Past: NaNa – Show Girl

Haven’t done one of these in a while…so here’s a blast to the past post! This artist I think almost none of you know…Her name is NaNa, and she’s Japanese. She hasn’t released anything for a quite a while now. She’s relatively unknown and I just happened to stumble upon her second single back then … Continue reading

Blast from the Past: Navi – I Love You ft. Tablo

The amazing and gorgeous singer, Navi, made her official debut two years ago with the single I Love You. It featured none other than Epik High’s Tablo. I stumbled across her two years ago while looking at other music. At that time I was really open to all types of music (well I still am)) … Continue reading

Blast from the Past: Se7en – 光 (Hikari)

Se7en made a comeback not too long ago with a new EP, Digital Bounce. It’s been four years.  There’s this one Japanese song from him that I really love called ‘光 (Hikari)’. It was released waaay back in 2005. This is a bit different from his usual rnb/hiphop style but I found it such an … Continue reading

Blast from the Past: SHINee – Replay (Noona Is So Pretty)

You don’t have to be a veteran kpopper to know this group; SHINee! Don’t really have to introduce them, do I? SM’s 5 member contemporary R&B boy group consisting of Onew (leader), Jonghyun, Minho, Key, and Taemin. The oldest member’s 21 (Korean age) and the youngest is 17 (also Korean age). They debuted two years … Continue reading

Blast from the Past: Seeya + Davichi + Black Pearl – Blue Moon

Most of you kpop followers should know SeeYa and Davichi, but have you ever heard of Black Pearl? They’re less known but they’re under the same company as them. The three groups came together two years ago in May 2008 to sing a track called ‘Blue Moon’ for a single called Color Pink. A series … Continue reading

Blast from the Past: DBSK – Insa (Greeting)

If you’ve ever watched the Korean movie A Millionaire’s First Love (starring Hyun Bin and Lee Yeon Hee), then you will recognize this song. Insa (Greeting) was sang by Jaejoong of DBSK as a solo OST track, and all of DBSK sang a version as well. I don’t think I need to introduce who DBSK … Continue reading

Blast from the Past: AJ (Lee Ki Kwang) – Wipe the Tears ft. DooJoon + JunHyung (BEAST)

New er…section? LOL dunno what to call it. ANYWAY it’s gonna be called Blast from the Past, where I basically post up an old MV/song. When I mean old, I don’t mean extremely old, but at least a year old. So for my first Blast from the Past post is none other than…AJ (Lee Ki … Continue reading