The lyrics page has now been edited to become super neat and easier to navigate =) Took a long time to fix it up into a table ><

As before, there are three main sections; Korean, Japanese, and Chinese and Other.
Artist/Group refers to the primary group and performers.
Solo/Unit is if the tracks are performed by a sub-unit or a soloist from the primary group. Ex. Orange Caramel from After School.
Type refers to whether the tracks are either just one song, a single, a mini album, an album, a repackaged album, or OST.
Lyrics Avail. refers to what kind of lyrics are available; H= hangeul, R =romanized, T=translations, Eng=english lyrics
Name/Link refers to the name(s) of the tracks or album name
Other notes are miscellaneous information, such as if the track features other artists, or if it’s new songs only, or if certain lyrics are available at a separate link.

To facilitate your search, press CTRL+F and search away.

Please let me know if any links are not working. Enjoy!

Artist / Group Solo / Unit Type Lyrics Avail. Name/Link Other Notes
2AM Mini Album H+R+T Even If I Die, I Can’t Send You Trans HERE
Song H+R I Did Wrong
Album H+R+T Saint O’Clock
Jo Kwon Single H+R The Day of Confessing My Love
Seulong Song H+R Nagging With IU
2NE1 Song H+R+T Go Away
Single H+R Try to Be Like Me
Park Bom Single H+R+T You and I
CL & Minzy Single H+R+T Please Don’t Go
2PM Mini Album H+R Don’t Stop Can’t Stop ONE translation
Single H+R+T Crazy4S
Single H+R Follow Your Soul
Song H+R+T I Was Crazy About You
Single H+R+T My Color
Single H+R Open Happiness
Single H+R+T Tik Tok Ft. Yoon Eun Hye
Song H+R+T Tired of Waiting
Song H+R+T Without You
4Minute Song H+R+T HuH
Song H+R+T I My Me Mine
Song H+R+T Muzik
Hyuna Single R+T Change Ft. Junhyung (BEAST)
After School Single H+R Bang!
Single H+R+T Because of You
Orange Caramel Mini Album H+R Aing
Mini Album H+R The First Mini Album
B1A4 Repackaged Album H+R+T Ignition Special Edition
Baek Ji Young Song H+R Over Time
BEAST Single H+R Crazy
Mini Album H+R Lights Go On Again
Mini Album R+T Mastermind
Mini Album H+R Midnight Sun
Mini Album H+R Shock of the New Era
Song H+R Let it Snow
Song H+R Thanks To
Song H+R When the Door Closes
Big Bang Mini Album H+R+T 4th Mini Album
Song H+R+T Foolish Love
Single H+R Lollipop Pt.2
Special Album H+R Still Alive
Daesung Single H+R+T Cotton Candy
G-Dragon Song H+R+T 1 Year Station
Song H Gossip Man
GD & TOP Single H+R GD&TOP Vol 1
Seungri Mini Album H+R V.V.I.P
Taeyang Song H+R I Need a Girl Ft. G-Dragon
Single H+R I’ll Be There
Song H+R+T Make Love Ft. Kush
Single H+R+T Wedding Dress
Single H+R+T Where U At
T.O.P. Single H+R Turn It Up!
BoA Album H+R Hurricane Venus
Song H+R Hurricane Venus
Brown Eyed Girls Single H+R Festa On Ice 2010
GaIn Single H+R Bad Temper
Mini Album H+R Step 2/4
Chaeyeon Mini Album H+R Look At
Cho Shin Sung / Supernova Song H+R On Days That I Missed You
CSJH The Grace Song H+R+T My Everything
C.N. Blue Mini Album H+R+T Bluelove
Mini Album H+R Bluetory
Song H+R+T I’m a Loner
Lee Jonghyun & Minhyuk OST H+R Fly High (Acoustic OST)
DGNA / The BOSS Mini Album H+R Awake
Single H+R Tokyo Boy
Dalmatian Single H+R Round 1
DBSK / TVXQ / THSK Song H+R+T 12:34 (Nothing Better)
Song H+R+T Love Bye Love
Songs H+R+T Mirotic + Love in the Ice
Yunho & Changmin OST H+R Athena
Song H+R+T Before U Go
Songs H+R+T Our Game + She
Album H+R Why (Keep Your Head Down)
Song H+R+T Why (Keep Your Head Down)
JYJ Mini Album H+R+T Their Rooms
Jaejoong OST H+R+T Living Like a Dream
Epik High Song H+R Run
F.Cuz Single H+R+T Jiggy
Song H+R No One
F.T Island Mini Album H+R Beautiful Journey
Album R+T Cross & Change
Song H+R Friendship
Song R+T Lie
F.T Triple Single H+R Two Date
f(x) Song H+R Chocolate Love
Song H+R+T Chu~♡ Trans HERE
Mini Album H+R+T NU ABO
Girl’s Day Single H+R Twinkle Twinkle
G.NA Album H+R Black & White
Goo Hye Sun Single H+R Brown Hair
Gummy Song H+R As a Man
Song H+R There is No Love
Hun OST H+T Thank You
Hyori Lee Song H+R-T Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Album H+R-T H-Logic
I the Tri Top’s Song H+R The Words to Express My Love
Song H+R To My Girlfriend
Infinite Mini Album H+R Evolution
Song H+R Come Back Again
Single H+R Inspirit
Song H+R+T She’s Back
Joo Song H+R+T Bad Guy
KARA Mini Album H+R Jumping
Song H+R Lupin
Mini Album H+R Lupin
Song H+R+T Mister
Jiyoung Single H+R Merry Love With Sungje (Cho Shin Sung)
Kim Bum Song H+R+T I’m Going to Meet You Now Hangeul HERE
Kim Bum Soo Song H+R Desire
Kim Jang Hoon Song H+R Show
Kim Jong Kook Song H+R Don’t Be Good to Me
K.Will Single H+R Present Ft. Eun Ji Won
Lee Junki Song H+R+T Selfless Dedicated Trees
Lee Seung Gi Song H+R Let’s Break Up
Song H+R Like the Beginning, Like Then Ft. Minkyung (Davichi)
Lee Sun Hee OST H+R Fox Rain
Lim Jeong Hee / J.Lim Song H+R Crazy for Love Ft. JYP
MBLAQ Mini Album H+R Y
miss A Mini Album H+R+T Bad But Good
Song H+R+T Breathe
Miss $ Song H+R What Have I Done Until Now (What He Did Lasts in Me) Ft. Jung Seul Ki
M To M Song H+R One Day
Navi Song H+R Heart Damage Ft. Crown J
Songs H+R+T Heart Damage + Wasteful Tears Ft. Jay Park + Hyuna (4Minute) for latter song
Album H+R Hello
Single H+R Listen to the End
Single H+R We Really Did Love Each Other Ft. K.Will
Na Yoon Kwon OST H+R She Will Dance
Park Hyo Shin Song H+R After Love
Song H+R Gift
Park Ji Yoon Song H+R In My Fading Memory
Rain / Bi Mini Album H+R Back to the Basic
Song H+R Love Song (The Song That Will Get You)
Rainbow Single H+R A
S.M. the Ballad Song H+R+T Hot Times
Se7en Mini Album H+R Digital Bounce
Secret Mini Album H+R Madonna
Single H+R Shy Boy
SeeYa Special Album H+R See You Again
Song H+R His Voice
SHINee Album H+R+T 2009, Year of Us
Repackaged Album H+R+T Hello New tracks only
Song H+R+T Juliette
Album H+R+T Lucifer
Song H+R+T Ring Ding Dong
Album H+R+T Romeo
Song R+T Scar
Song H+R+T The Name I Loved Onew & Kim Yeon Woo
Sistar Single H+R Push Push
SNSD / Girls’ Generation Song H+R Chocolate Love
Song H+R+T Gee
Song H+R Oh!
Album H+R Oh!
Song H+R+T One Year Later Jessica & Onew (SHINee)
Song H+R Run Devil Run
Song H+R+T Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
Album H+R+T Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
Son Dam Bi Song H+R+T queen
Album R+T Type B
SS501 Mini Album H+R+T Destination
Songs H+R+T Love Like This + Green Peas
Songs H+R+T U R Man + A Song Calling For You
Kim Hyun Joong Song H+R+T Please Be Good to Me
Park Jung Min Mini Album H+R Not Alone
Heo Young Saeng Song H+R+T I Love You, I’m Sorry
Super Junior Album H+R Bonamana
Repackaged Album H+R Bonamana New songs only
Song H+R+T Bonamana
Song H+R Heartquake Ft. Yunho & Yoochun (DBSK)
Song H+R+T It’s You (Neorago)
Song H+R No Other
Song H+R+T Sorry Sorry Hangeul HERE
Album H+R+T Sorry Sorry
Repackaged Album H+R Sorry Sorry Repackaged Album Version C New songs only
Song H+R Sorry Sorry – Answer
Song H+R Why I Like You
Kyuhyun Song H+R+T 7 Years Love
Yesung OST H+R+T It Has to Be You
Yesung OST H+R+T Her Over Flowers (I Do I Do OST)
T-ara Album H+R Absolute First Album
Repackaged Album H+R Breaking Heart
T-Max Songs H+R Born to the Max + Can Do For Me + Confess
Teen Top Mini Album H+R aRtisT
TRAX Song H+R Oh! My Goddess
U-KISS Song H+R Round and Round
Various Artists / Collaboration Album R+T 09 SUMMER SMTOWN SHINee & DBSK & Super Junior
OST H+R Boys Over Flowers OST 1 SHINee & SS501 & Someday & Ashily
Single H+R Cabi Song 2PM & SNSD
OST H+R Dream High OST Parts 1 to 4 Joo & Kim Soo Hyun & IU & San E & Sunye & Suzy (miss A) &
Taecyeon+ Wooyoung (2PM)
OST H+R+T Someday + Dreaming + Can’t I Love You IU & Kim Soo Hyun & Jinwoon + Changmin (2AM)
OST H+R Personal Taste OST 2AM & 4Minute & Younha & Kim Tae Woo
OST H+R+T Secret Garden OST Special Edition Baek Ji Young, Hyun Bin, etc.
VNT Song H+R Sound (Ye Ye Ye)
Wheesung Song H+R Trickling
Album H+R Vocolate
Wonder Girls Mini album H+R Wonder Party
Yoari Single H+R Listen
ZE:A / Child of Empire Single H+R Leap for Detonation
Single R+T Nativity


Artist / Group Solo / Unit Type Lyrics Avail. Name/Link Other Notes
Big Bang Song R+T HANDS UP
Song R+T Let Me Hear Your Voice
Song H+R+T Tell Me Goodbye
F.T Island Song H+R Flower Rock
Song H+R+T Raining
Kana Nishino Song H+R+T Aitakute Aitakute
Song H+R+T Best Friend
Song H+R+T Dear…
Song H+R+T Distance
KARA Song H+R+T Jumping
KAT-TUN Single R+T Going!
Single R+T Love Yourself ~Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki~
Kim Bum Song H+R Eve No Sora / Christmas Eve’s Sky
LANDS (Akanishi Jin) Single R+T Bandage
Album H+R+T Olympos
Namie Amuro Song R Let’s Go
Nerdhead Song H+R+T BRAVE HEART Ft. Kana Nishino
NEWS Song H+R+T Sakura Girl
SEAMO Song H+R+T Mata Aimashou
SNSD / Girls’ Generation Song R+T Gee (Japanese ver.)
Song R Genie (Japanese ver.)
DBSK / TVXQ / THSK Song H+R Amaku Hateshinaku (Forever Sweet)
Single R+T Bolero | Kiss the Baby Sky | Wasurenaide |
Song H+R+T Break Out
Song H+R+T Stand By U
Single R+T Stand By U
Song T Survivor
Album R+T The Secret Code
Song H+R+T Toki Wo Tomete (short ver.)
Song H+R+T Toki Wo Tomete (FULL ver.)
Song H+R+T With All My Heart ~Kimiga odoru, natsu~
Yunho & Changmin Single H+R Why? Keep Your Head Down Japanese Ver.
Jaejoong & Yoochun Song R+T Been So Long (m-flo tribute)
Song H+R+T COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~
Song H+R+T Shelter
JYJ Song H+R+T Itsudatte Kimi Ni
Junsu Single H+R+T XIAH
Song H+R+T Intoxication
w-inds Song H+R+T Addicted to Love
Yamashita Tomahisa / Yamapi Song H+R+T Loveless
Song H+R+T One in a Million
Yuya Matsushita Song H+R+T YOU


Artist / Group Solo / Unit Type Lyrics Avail. Name/Link Other Notes
Big Bang Song Eng Make Love
Taeyang Song Eng Connection Ft. Bigtone
Danson Tang Song H+R I’m Back ft. Amber of f(x) Ft. Amber (f(x))
F.Cuz Single H+R+T Jiggy (Chinese Ver.) Ft. Yao Yao
HIT-5 Single H+R+T Pa Le Ni (Scared of You)
Joe Cheng Song H+R+T Bu Si Xin (Unwilling to Give Up)
Song H Chang Yi Shou Ge (Chang a Song)
Jolin Tsai Song H Real Man Ft. Nick
Leo Ku Song H+R Ching Gor Wong / King of Ballads
Song H Ran
Lok Yun Ming & Tan Jie Xi Song H 如果我是個男孩要帶女朋友回家
Nicholas Teo OST H+R+T Xiao Wu Gui (Little Turtle)
Olivia Ong OST H+R 明明 (Ming Ming/Obviously)
Super Junior-M Songs H+R+T Super Girl + Blue Tomorrow + Super Girl (Korean  Ver.) + Blue Tomorrow (Korean Ver.)
Will Pan Song H+R Be With You Ft. Akon
Song H Xiang Ren Wu (Dance for Two)
Wonder Girls Song Eng 2 Different Tears


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