If you have any music/lyrics requests, feel free to post them here. Please try and make it clear as possible what you want; artists, song/album name, year of release, etc.

PLEASE CHECK OUT THE LYRICS PAGE HERE BEFORE MAKING ANY REQUESTS. You might find what you’re asking there already!

I can’t promise everything, but I will try my best to fulfill them! ^^


153 thoughts on “REQUESTS

  1. Please try to get translations for these songs in English..I have been looking everywhere but cant find some english translations to these korean songs:
    1.Care— by Sung Si Kyung (World they live in Ost)
    2.A Sad Story— by Kim Bum Soo (new, at u tube)
    3.Desire— by Kim Bum Soo (gen.Hospital2 OST)
    4.Love Virus— by E. Jiah
    5.Winter Landscapes —by Lee Jaehon

    Thanks so much in advance!!!!

    Posted by Mia | 081228, 1:58 AM
  2. i’m sorry, if i were korean i’d translate them for you, but i’m not -.- if you asked me for the hangul and romanized lyrics i actually would’ve been able to find them.
    i looked for a long time but i don’t seem to be able to find them…and for the World They Live In ost the song seems to be called Love Love, and not Care? i’m not sure, it was the only song by Sung Shi Kyung on the ost where i downloaded the OST a while back.
    anyway, again i’m sorry, i can’t seem to find the translations

    Posted by moonlightunes | 081228, 7:49 PM
  3. Thanks for trying…

    Posted by Mia | 090102, 11:18 PM
  4. Hi I was wondering if you could find romanized lyrics of the song Forever Love by DBSK for me? It’s a pretty old single, from October 2007, if I remember correctly. Thank you!

    Posted by star | 090110, 4:21 PM
    • Sure thing! It just so happens I actually have the lyrics because I loved the song so much, I even went looking for piano score to learn to play the song ^^ Here we are!

      Forever Love – Tohoshinki

      MasSeuGu HuTaRiOTeRaShiTa
      YuUYaKe KiRaMeITeRu
      IMaMaDe KanJiTaKoToNaIKuRaI
      MuNeNo HuKaKuGa ACheuI
      IiKiKaSeNaGaRa JiBunuNiU SoOCheuITe
      KiMiDaKeWo HaNaSaNa
      NanDoMoU NanDoMoOKuRuYo
      MaYoINoSeuBeTeWo ToKaShiTe
      KiTeeYuKoU Forever love
      SaKaMiChi NaGaIKaGeYoSeTe
      NiGiiTa TeNoKaanShoKu
      YaSaShiKu YaWaRaKaKuSeCheuNaSaWo
      KeShiTe YuKuMiTai DaTa
      OSaNaIGoRoNo KiMiNoSeuGaTaWo SoRaNi
      IMaKiMiNi AGeYoU
      NanDoMoNanDoMo UTaUYo
      KoNoYoDeHiToCheuNo TaShiKaNa
      TaKaRaMoNo Believe In Love You’re the only love, Forever
      HaTeShiNaI YuMeWo Miyo
      KoNoYoDeHiToCheuNo TaShiKaNa
      KaGaYaKiWo Believe in Love
      NanDoMoNanDoMo OKuRuYo KiMiGaSaGaShiTeIRuMoNo
      MaYoINoSeuBeTeWo ToKaShiTe
      You’re the Only Love, Forever

      Posted by moonlightunes | 090110, 7:30 PM
  5. Thanks so much! Keep up the good work on this awesome blog

    Posted by star | 090112, 2:21 PM
  6. I can’t find the lyric for:
    MtoM – One Day
    Album: Digital Single

    Please help:D

    Posted by Bao | 090209, 6:05 PM
  7. Bao: done! the original korean lyrics as well as romanizations are up. i dont have translations though, if thats what you were looking for, sorry!
    go HERE for the lyrics ^^

    Posted by moonlightunes | 090211, 11:14 PM
  8. hello… thnks for the translation of Sorry sorry of SuJu. btw. can I request the romanized lyrics and translation of HEARTQUAKE? from their 3rd album.. i’ll wait for it thnks!

    Posted by Buff | 090313, 1:38 AM
  9. hi,
    can you translate the heartquake song to english,
    thx so much.

    Posted by dongbangcassiopeia | 090315, 1:53 AM
  10. hellooo! i want to request What If.. from Super Junior, lyric and translation. it’s hard for me to find it. so yeah. i hope you can. LOVE YOU. and thanks (:

    Posted by tikkkaaa | 090318, 9:42 PM
  11. hi!!
    i really appreciate and would be pleased if you could provide the lyrics for all the songs of the super junior 3rd jib SORRY SORRY.thanx so much

    Posted by hyukkien | 090325, 1:21 AM
  12. Guys~ those of you who are looking for Korean lyrics, try going to inmuz.com! They have many lyrics there

    Posted by Haenie | 090328, 2:08 AM
  13. hey guys i’m working on the lyrics of the entire Super Junior album but it takes time to romanize all the songs. It’ll be up soon, so patience guys! ^^ Translations however, I won’t be able to do. Sorry!

    EDIT: NVM! I’ve found the lyrics to the entire album! I’ve posted them! Enjoy ^^

    Posted by moonlightunes | 090328, 4:12 PM
  14. do you have the hangul and romanized lyrics of Desire— by Kim Bum Soo?? if you do, can you pls pls email it to me. i would really appreciate it.

    Posted by em-em | 090401, 6:18 AM
  15. em-em
    i posted up the hangeul+romanized lyrics for Desire! sorry it took me so long to respond -.- i was super busy

    Posted by moonlightunes | 090425, 5:20 PM
  16. thank you so much!!

    Posted by em-em | 090429, 7:38 AM
  17. hi moonlightunes! i noticed that you had the lyrics to navi’s song “heart damage” a while back, but i can’t find them anymore. can you post the link, please?

    Posted by Saella | 090509, 10:42 AM
  18. @Saella
    hmm i never had the lyrics up. i have the single up and a performance youtube vid but i never posted lyrics. would you like me to go look for lyrics for you?

    Posted by moonlightunes | 090511, 8:46 PM
  19. really? that’s weird, i thought you did.

    oh that would be awesome!! would you look up the lyrics? thank you!!

    Posted by Saella | 090630, 10:38 PM
  20. yupyup go HERE for them

    Posted by moonlightunes | 090702, 12:44 AM
  21. Hi! It’s really great to know that you have this corner taking requests for romanized lyrics! I’ve been trying very badly to look for Park Hyo Shin’s Gift lyrics, but just couldn’t find it anywhere! Would be real grateful if you’re able to romanize the lyrics of Gift! It’s from his latest album, Gift. :) Thanks!

    Posted by slhui | 091015, 2:25 AM
  22. THANKS!!

    Posted by slhui | 091016, 11:57 AM
  23. heart damage – Navi ft JaeBeom
    heart damage – Navi ft Taecyeon
    wasteful tears – Navi ft. Hyunah

    Posted by jasmine | 091018, 9:27 PM
  24. @Jasmine
    i got both except for ‘Heart Damage’ ft. Taecyeon. sorry! hope this helps anyway

    Posted by moonlightunes | 091030, 8:36 PM
  25. hello!! do you have the romanized lyrics for SeeYa’s His Voice? THANKKKKKSKSKKSKSS!!!

    Posted by slhui | 091107, 4:26 AM
  26. @slhui
    got it! go HERE for them

    Posted by moonlightunes | 091107, 12:42 PM
  27. hi! can you please find the lyric to Kim Bum – Jigeum Mannareo Gamnida Japanese version?
    I’ve been looking for it everywhere.

    heaps of thanks! :)

    Posted by priss | 100426, 9:53 AM
    • @priss
      hmm I’ll try but I can’t guarantee anything. I checked a few of my usual lyrics sites and haven’t found anything. But I’ll keep looking and post the lyrics if I ever see them.

      Posted by moonlightunes | 100427, 9:05 PM
  28. could you please post up the lyrics for BIGBANG’s ‘Hands Up’?
    thanks in advance ^^

    Posted by FMiracle | 100610, 1:33 PM
  29. Hi ^^..
    can u post Kim Jang Hoon & CNBlue – show lyric?
    i’m falling in love with song since i watch it at inkigayo 31012010 ^^..
    i can’t find it anywhere.. :(

    Posted by | 100624, 6:37 PM
  30. hey ^^
    can u plizpost the eng trans lyrics of:
    Miss-A – Love Again
    Miss-A – Bad girl,good girl

    cuz i cant find them anywhere
    i found juz the romanization n hangul lyrics but not eng trans~

    Posted by hurm | 100701, 7:54 AM
  31. can u post Rain album’s back to the basic japanese ver lyrics?
    thanx ..:)

    Posted by Cindy | 100704, 7:29 PM
  32. request lyric song of Miss A – Bad Girl, Good Girl and all songs in their single : Bad But Good

    Posted by FANArosli | 100705, 5:20 AM
  33. can u post the lyics of im sorry i love you…
    it was sang by young seng of ss501…

    Posted by Frida | 100710, 5:36 AM
  34. Hi i was wondering if you could get the hangeul lyrics (also the romanization and translation, if you can )for “love bye love” by DBSK and also “my color” by 2pm.

    Thanks a lot for all that you are doing.

    Posted by Apo | 100716, 12:14 PM
    • Alright, I’ve gotten through several of these requests. I apologize for the delay as I was on vacation XD Okay so…

      miss A’s Bad But Good HERE

      Young Saeng’s ‘I Love You, I’m Sorry’ HERE

      DBSK’s ‘Love Bye Love’ HERE and 2PM’s ‘My Color’ HERE

      Posted by moonlightunes | 100720, 2:24 PM
  35. as one and se7en-digital bounce translation lyric pls :).. tx

    Posted by Cindy | 100721, 10:48 PM
    • I’d like to help, but you need to be more precise. When you mean As One, what single or album? Do you mean their latest single? As for Se7en, would that be Digital Bounce the entire mini album or just the song ‘Digital Bounce’?

      Posted by moonlightunes | 100722, 8:56 PM
  36. Please Be Nice To Me – Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)

    Posted by Moolatte | 100723, 11:52 PM
  37. Hi ^^.. can u post t-max : confess, born to the max, can do for me hangul n romaji lyric? tx b4 .. i’m in love w/ this song..tx

    Posted by Mandy | 100801, 1:30 AM
  38. Can you please post the lyrics(korean), translation, and romanization, if you can for
    “Foolish love” by Bigbang and “Make love” by Taeyang(of bigbang)
    thank you in advance

    Posted by Apo | 100801, 11:48 PM
  39. can you post the romanized lyrics of this song…
    song: little turtle
    artist:nicholas teo

    **this is the OST of the drama smiling pasta**

    **and this song is not a korean song its a song in taiwan**


    Posted by Frida | 100805, 9:52 AM
    • Yes I know Nicholas Teo (love him!) and I’ve watched the drama hahaha, so I know what song you’re talking about. HERE it is. ^^

      Posted by moonlightunes | 100805, 1:53 PM
      • opps….
        sorry….i didnt know that it was called pinyin so i type in romanized….

        Posted by Frida | 100807, 9:07 AM
      • haha it’s not a problem ^^

        Posted by moonlightunes | 100810, 9:48 PM
  40. Hello. Could you please post the romaji + romanized + translation for “Mata Aimashou” by SEAMO? Thanks a lot ^^

    Posted by jinyangyeoja | 100806, 2:24 PM
    • sorry i mean kanji + romanized + translation. thank you :D

      Posted by jinyangyeoja | 100806, 2:27 PM
      • No problem. HERE you go ^^

        Posted by moonlightunes | 100812, 10:49 PM
      • Thanks a lot ^^
        How was your holiday? :))
        Keep posting d(^_^)b

        Posted by jinyangyeoja | 100815, 6:07 PM
      • My holiday was good, thank you. Yes, I’ll keep posting. Sorry for the lack of posts…been busy with volunteering and social events XD Being the procrastinator I am, I’ll probably post more when I start school

        Posted by moonlightunes | 100819, 2:32 PM
  41. hi,
    can you post the hangul + romanization + translation of CSJH’s My Everything? thanks

    Posted by irixae | 100810, 2:02 AM
  42. The lyrics of SHINee’s Onew’s solo song , “The Name I Loved”
    It’s a beautiful song.
    Hopefully u can upload the lyrics so that others can sing along with it too ;)

    Posted by Serene | 100812, 8:55 AM
  43. Hi, i would like to request Connection ft Big Tone by Taeyang. English version.


    Posted by Jennifer | 100829, 4:45 AM
  44. i meant the lyrics

    Posted by Jennifer | 100829, 4:46 AM
  45. Thanks a million! you rock! :)

    Posted by Jennifer | 100831, 8:43 PM
  46. Hi can you help me find the korean lyrics(also the romanization and translation, if you can )for DBSK “Mirotic”
    “Love in the Ice”

    2pm “Without you”

    Big Bang “Make Love”

    thats a lot :D thank you

    Posted by Apo | 100903, 5:50 PM
  47. Hi… ^^
    could u help me to find Girls Generation – Genie (Japanese ver) lyric???

    Thanks ^^

    Posted by ~Eun_Van_Wook~ | 100907, 2:36 PM
  48. Hello! It’s me again =)
    Can u put up SHINee’s “JoJo” lyrics ? Please and thank you ! ;D

    Posted by Serene | 101005, 7:45 AM
  49. Hai! I came across this site while looking for lyrics for Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” song. Great job by the way. I noticed this real cool picture on the side of the website. Like this picture was part of the background, and when you scrolled up or down, it stayed there.. I wonder if you know what I’m talking about.. lol.
    Anywho, the current picture I see is like three guys “hanging” off a green wall while the fourth is like leaning over in this black/gray sweatshirt.
    Though, before that there was another cool picture of like five guys with this plain white background. It was really nice and I was wondering where it went! D:
    Is there any way we can view those pictures that are posted on the side? Those are real cool pictures and I really wanted to see the white one again.
    Could you do anything, please? Thanks! :)

    Posted by Sierra | 101011, 8:55 PM
    • Oh hahaha that was the background that I set…the one you see now is of the Korean boyband DBSK and the one you saw before with the white background are of SHINee, another Korean boyband. Erm well I dunno what I can do except change it back…actually if you want the background, I decided to post it up. Go HERE and scroll down the page to ‘Can I hotlink and use the pictures here? What about the lyrics?’. It’ll be under there. ^^

      Posted by moonlightunes | 101011, 9:40 PM
      • O: Yaaaayy! :D
        Thank you soooo much! You’re my Hero! Lol!
        You’re the best! Thanks again! <3

        Posted by Sierra | 101211, 9:11 PM
  50. hey there.. cn u pls help me with j lim crazy for love romamnized lyric? been searchin every where.. cant seem to find it :( Hopefully u can help me with it, thanks alot!

    Posted by sue | 101013, 12:57 PM
  51. Hi! Please I want the english translation of the j-song “My Measure” of Lecca, I have already ready for subtitling video I need the lyrics in English any more, you will be credited accordingly, from now thank you very much

    Posted by Reggan | 101027, 10:11 AM
    • Mmm I looked around my usual sites and there don’t seem to be a trace of a good translation…if I find anything I’ll let you know.

      Posted by moonlightunes | 101106, 12:05 PM
  52. Hi, Jen. Could u pls put up the hangeul and translation for “Gomabseumnida” lyrics by Hun (OST Thank you).
    Thanks a lot (:

    Posted by jinyangyeoja | 101028, 12:27 PM
  53. hi.. could you translate “pupu’s kidnapping for me”?? i want to know the english version of it.. it’s by jang geun suk.. thanks! ^-^

    Posted by joannacherm | 101112, 7:41 PM
  54. hello! i was wondering if you could get the translations for Son Dam Bi’s

    1. Invisible Person
    2. Super Duper
    3. Beat Up By A Girl
    4. Enough (그만하자) (not sure if the english name is correct)

    if you can’t find them, i’m still thankful for the effort! take care and thank you! ^^

    Posted by Lynn | 101114, 8:51 PM
  55. No.1 (The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Asian Song)
    by 2AM

    pls pls and THANK YOU :):)

    Posted by Anonymous | 101117, 12:05 AM
  56. Can I request for the (Hangul + Romanized) lyrics of the tracks in 2AM’s Saint O’Clock album? Thank you. :)

    Posted by Kevin | 101206, 4:40 AM
  57. 1 Year Station by: G-Dragon (of BIGBANG)
    Simple, simple lyrics PLEASE!!!
    Love this song and love if you’d make some simple lyrics!
    I think they’re the roman lyrics…? … basically the way you made ‘Let Me Hear Your Voice’ by BIGBANG…?
    If you can’t, well thanks for the effort anyways… ^_^

    Posted by Becca | 101209, 5:40 PM
  58. can you help me? cuz i really need the hangul and lyric of DBSK… Are you a good girl, purple line and others, I really miss them so much..
    I can’t wait to see them all in DBSK again.. especially to see Jae-Yunho together again..

    Posted by hana | 101218, 12:01 PM
    • So you want ‘Are you a Good Girl?’ and ‘Purple Line’? You have to be more specific than just ‘others’ XD
      I miss them a lot too…I really hope they can make a comeback together, but for now we’ll just have to make do with JYJ and TVXQ (as Yunho and Changmin)

      Posted by moonlightunes | 101218, 1:09 PM
  59. Can i have some requests ?
    2NE1 – Go away
    4Minute – I My Me Mine
    Beast – Beatiful
    SHINee Onew feat. SNSD Jessica – One Year Later .
    Is it okay ? Am i too greedy ?

    Posted by CheYeongGi | 101219, 1:34 AM
  60. hey i want
    1. cn blue – love
    2. miss a – breathe
    3. cn blue – i’m a loner

    please! H-R-T!!!!

    Posted by SuzyTrueFan | 101220, 10:36 AM
  61. oh.haha. can i have another lyrics
    4Minute – Muzik

    Posted by SuzyTrueFan | 101221, 12:30 AM
  62. hi! any idea where i can get the song: impromptu no.1 by park jong hoon for free? Minho played this in the drama special “Pianist”. i really like this song. i hope you will be able to help me find it. thanks.

    Posted by Jennifer | 101221, 2:37 AM
  63. hi. i’m here again. cn i have a lyric of Hangul and Romanji and Trans. of the song
    – CN blue – love light. thanks.

    Posted by SuzyTrueFan | 101222, 10:11 AM
  64. oh i’m sorry i found that song lyrics in yr blog alrdy. sorry!!!!

    Posted by SuzyTrueFan | 101222, 10:14 AM
  65. i want lyric queen by son dam bi

    Posted by FANArosli | 110102, 2:43 AM
  66. Can you have. . .uhm the JAPANESE ROMAJI of Keep Your Head Down? >.<

    Posted by mrsshimchangmin | 110114, 3:54 AM
  67. Can you have the JAPANESE ROMAJI of Keep Your Head Down? >.<

    Posted by mrsshimchangmin | 110114, 3:56 AM
  68. can you please have the translation for G.Na’s Black and White album? or some songs from it?

    Posted by ChilliK | 110118, 6:42 AM
  69. hii ^^
    can i have the TRANSLATION to IU’s REAL album? :)
    thank you beri beri maaach!

    Posted by panamana | 110129, 12:26 AM
  70. can you translate this song?
    로미오 & 줄리엣 (Romeo & Juliet)

    I’ve found the hangul but it’s from Shin Seung Hoon’s album and it doesn’t have the part Junghwa sang

    Posted by khanslins | 110206, 10:58 AM
  71. Hi i just wanted to request the translations ( romanized and hangul, if you can) for:
    TVXQ (Yunho and Changmin new songs)
    “Our Game”

    “U R Man”
    “A Song Calling for You”

    and Joo’s new song “Bad Guy”

    Thanks a lot! ^^

    Posted by Apo | 110211, 8:02 PM
  72. Hi. If u can find 1TYM lyrics, I’ll be happy. English translations would be better but romanization will work, too..

    Posted by burcu | 110215, 6:03 AM
  73. hey,,nice to meet you and found your web,,
    i really love secret garden
    would you give me the lyrics of that drama .whole the lyrics
    thank you so much..^^

    Posted by nna | 110221, 1:47 AM
  74. Hey I think its would be really great if you did they hangul and english translation of Can’t I love you by jinwoon and changmin, IU’s someday, and dreaming by kim soohyun. heehee yes all from dream high XD

    Posted by Emily | 110225, 11:13 PM
  75. Hi
    Just wanted to request Yesung’s “It has to be you” (OST Cinderella’s Sister) translation, hangul, and romanization please. Thank you in advance :D

    Posted by Apo | 110309, 6:32 PM
  76. Hi I want to request

    What have I done until now by Miss $

    Please :D

    Posted by Murii | 110321, 5:34 PM
  77. Hi~
    Can you get the lyrics, translation, and romanization for the songs:

    Super Junior “Perfection” and “Twins”

    BEAST “Breathe”

    MBLAQ “Cry” and “Stay”

    Shinee “Si fuera ella”

    thanks in advance ^_^

    Posted by Apo | 110404, 12:15 AM
  78. Just watched IU’s video for Whenever You on mvibo. The date on the video is January 2011. I have no idea what the song is about, but her singing is really lovely, and her voice has such emotion in it, it has made me curious- is it a love song? Is it about losing someone?
    Thank you very much- this is a very nice website! I enjoyed reading the English lyrics to some of the Dream High songs.

    Posted by blondbs | 110501, 9:39 PM
  79. I’ll Be There ft. Jay Park – Swings
    Lyrics and Translation please :3

    Posted by naomielise | 110510, 5:34 PM
  80. could you by any chance help me find the translations for KOYOTE’s song entitled PASSION . . .
    i have the hangul if you need it :D

    KOYOTE – Passion
    It’s on and bump it
    it’s on and bump it
    it’s on and bump it
    get ready to ride yeah!

    It’s on and bump it baby
    come on and bump it baby
    it’s on and bump it baby
    come on and bump it baby

    People in the house lets go

    아련히 기억에 멀어지던
    aryeonhi gieoge meoreojideon
    looming in the distance carrying memories
    너를 다시 볼수 있어 행복했었어
    neoreul dasi bolsu isseo haengbokhaesseosseo
    i was so happy to see you again
    하지만 나 멀리서 너만을
    hajiman na meolliseo neomaneul
    but seeing you from afar
    하염없이 보고 말았지
    hayeomeobsi bogo maratji
    made me looking frustrated

    우리 헤어지고 나의 일기속에
    uri heeojigo naui ilgisoge
    너의 이름으로 채운적도 많았고
    neoui ireumeuro chaeunjeokdo manhatgo
    매일 밤 나의 옷깃을 적시며
    maeil bam naui otgiseul jeoksimyeo
    너의 이름 부른적 많았어
    neoui ireum bureunjeok manhasseo

    Get ready it`s on
    영원히 나와 같이 있을거라던
    yeongwonhi nawa gachi isseulgeoradeon
    그런날들은 이제 모두 Done Done
    geureonnaldeureun ije modu Done Done
    그런 넌 넌 내겐 모든 것이였던
    geureon neon neon naegen modeun geosiyeotdeon
    떠나버린 넌 너무나 멀어진 넌
    tteonabeorin neon neomuna meoreojin neon
    왜 날 떠나갔나
    wae nal tteonaganna
    오직 너를 위해 살아온 나
    ojik neoreul wihae saraon na
    왜 나를 잊으려고 하나 너와 나
    wae nareul ijeuryeogo hana neowa na
    why you gotta leave me now
    why you gotta leave me now

    가슴에 너를 묻어 버리고
    gaseume neoreul mudeo beorigo
    기억에서 너를 지웠었는데
    gieogeseo neoreul jiwosseonneunde
    다시 흔들리는 나를 어떻게 해야해
    dasi heundeullineun nareul eotteoke haeyahae

    우리 다시는 헤어지지 말자고
    uri dasineun heeojiji maljago
    우리 사랑 포기하지 말자고
    uri sarang pogihaji maljago
    말하고 싶어 너를 내게 돌리고 싶어
    malhago sipeo neoreul naege dolligo sipeo
    나만을 안아줘
    namaneul anajwo

    이대로 나를 잊어줘
    idaero nareul ijeojwo
    문득 떠오르는 나의 모습 지워줘
    mundeuk tteooreuneun naui moseup jiwojwo
    힘들어도 다신 니 곁에
    himdeureodo dasin ni gyeote
    갈순 없잖아 나 용서해
    galsun eobtjanha na yongseohae

    그저 행복했던 날들 너를 위해 살아온
    geujeo haengbokhaetdeon naldeul neoreul wihae saraon
    나를 절대 너를 원망하지 않아
    nareul jeoldae neoreul wonmanghaji anha
    이젠 다시 나를 받아줘
    ijen dasi nareul badajwo
    내게 돌아올수 없니
    naege doraolsu eomni

    Tell me the reason why you left me
    Tell me the reason why you left me
    baby yake me back
    baby yake me back
    어서 나를 받아줘
    eoseo nareul badajwo
    언제나 너를 기다릴께
    eonjena neoreul gidarilkke

    가슴에 너를 묻어버리고
    gaseume neoreul mudeobeorigo
    기억에서 너를 지웠었는데
    gieogeseo neoreul jiwosseonneunde
    다시 흔들리는 나를 어떻게 해야해
    dasi heundeullineun nareul eotteoke haeyahae

    우리 다시는 헤어지지 말자고
    uri dasineun heeojiji maljago
    우리 사랑 포기하지 말자고
    uri sarang pogihaji maljago
    말하고 싶어 너를 내게 돌리고 싶어
    malhago sipeo neoreul naege dolligo sipeo
    나를 안아줘
    nareul anajwo

    우리 다시는 헤어지지 말자고
    uri dasineun heeojiji maljago
    우리 사랑 포기하지 말자고
    uri sarang pogihaji maljago
    말하고 싶어 너를 내게 돌리고 싶어
    malhago sipeo neoreul naege dolligo sipeo
    나를 안아줘
    nareul anajwo

    Posted by cathy | 110515, 1:05 AM
  81. I’m desperately searching for Alex’s lyrics, from the newly released album Just Like Me
    1.Even If I Try To Go Crazy [미쳐보려 해도]
    2.The Story I Couldn’t Tell [전하지 못한 이야기]
    3.Like A Spring Day’s Breeze [봄날의 바람 같아요]
    4.Talk [얘기]
    Pleaseeeee :)
    Thanks in advance :D

    Posted by hitsugaya505 | 110606, 12:57 PM
  82. hi . Could u please put up the translation and romanization of lollipop f(x) feat shinee ? Thanks a lot . :D

    Posted by akuakuaku | 110716, 10:08 PM
  83. i wish you have f(x)’s New Album, Hot Summer or Pinnocchio, released on this year (2011).
    and thanks in advance if you’ve uploaded them.
    Thanks a lot ^^

    Posted by hyerin1027 | 110721, 7:54 AM
  84. I have a question..I like your background….which themes did you use?

    Posted by pinklover080 | 110729, 11:11 AM
  85. please give it try. Giant Korean Drama ost Promotion’s lyrics and romanji

    Posted by SunRay | 110829, 10:55 AM
  86. i want romanization Young Jee (ex.bubblesister) – Nothing big Deal/not at all
    that’s her first new mini album..
    i cant find it anywhere..jebalyoo :)

    Posted by vanilaeru | 110925, 11:02 PM
  87. Hello , thanks for accepting our requests :D

    I wanna English trans for the song ” She Was Crying ( 그녀가 울어 ) ”
    the singer is ” TMAX ”
    Year of Released : 2011

    thnks x) <3

    Posted by Rannoo | 111027, 1:06 PM
  88. can i request 4am by 10cm. the korean name for the song is 10cm – 새벽 4시. i hope you can complete this request. i have been going crazy looking for translations for this song. please help!

    Posted by xxyy | 111103, 1:34 PM
  89. Hi :)
    At first thank you so much, because you’re doing an amazing work!
    I’ve indeed a request to make to you :) (sorry hehe)
    It’s for two “new” songs so i can wait, don’t worry =)
    – Lunatic by Daesung for the drama What’s Up (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhRLwL48Z3k)
    – Oh Yeah by GD,TOP&2NE1 Japanese Version (but only the short version has realease yet so I know you can’t do anything till you don’t have the full version :) except make the short lyrics perhaps (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idIlshLotqM)
    Thanks in advance ^_^

    Posted by AsiaLoveAddict | 111202, 5:26 PM
  90. request all lyrics from albums 49 days pleaseeee ^^___^^ please translated!

    Posted by Micka | 120119, 9:13 AM
  91. Hi Admin…
    coud u hep me to find the song title, complete with the hangul – romanzination – and translate of the song that sang at the last episode of Korean Drama “Poseidon”..
    i’ve tried to search for it all night long, but i stuck..
    so, please help me!!!!!!
    it’ll be a great help.
    Thank You So Muchhhhhh LOL XD

    Posted by artha auspicious | 120121, 11:41 PM
  92. Hello ^^
    Can I request for Shin minchul’s song “Forever with you”
    the Hangul lyrics .. I couldn’t find it anywhere
    it’s an ost for winter sonata~
    & if you could find English translation it would be wonderful :D

    Thanks in advance ^^

    Posted by no0o0da | 120607, 4:32 PM
  93. Pls find me the english lyric of korean song loving you by kim bom soo i really love dat song thanks.

    Posted by Haewon | 120619, 10:41 AM
  94. Hi there, can you help translate this OST song in Kdrama Resurrection called life again by Kim Tae Hoon?
    Here is the link to it. Thanks

    Posted by PajNyiag Xyooj | 120820, 12:56 PM
  95. oh and my e-mail is silverpaj5@yahoo.com thanks

    Posted by PajNyiag Xyooj | 120820, 12:57 PM
  96. hello! can i have the lyrics of Can’t have you by hyun bin?

    Posted by bangs | 121015, 9:45 PM
  97. Hi! Do you think you can find the translation for this song? I can’t find it anywhere. ):


    Posted by sus | 121109, 11:40 AM
  98. Hello,
    I’m new here. I really need your help to translate this song to english . I hope you can help me.

    Little Blue BoX – 2 Spirits
    (http://j-lyric.net/artist/a056f96/l02ac09.html) – Lyric
    (http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDcwNzg5MjQ0.html) – Video

    Idoling!!! – One Up!!!
    (http://j-lyric.net/artist/a04d0e2/l029a0a.html) – Lyric
    (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xs5qy9_hdmv-yyyyyy-one-up_music) – Video

    U-ka Saegusa IN DB – June Bride ~Anata Shika Mienai~

    U-ka Saegusa IN DB – Nemuru Kimi no Yokogao ni Hohoemi wo
    (http://www.jpopasia.com/group/ukasaegusaindb/lyrics/u-ka-saegusa-in-db-ii/nemuru-kimi-no-yokogao-ni-hohoemi-wo::125489.html) – Lyric
    (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1lukg_u-ka-saegusa-nemuru-kimi-no-yokogao_music) – Video

    U-ka Saegusa IN DB – Mou Kimi wo Hitori ni Sasenai
    (http://www.jpopasia.com/group/ukasaegusaindb/lyrics/mou-kimi-wo-hitori-ni-sasenai/mou-kimi-wo-hitori-ni-sasenai::125548.html) – Lyric
    (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzKVFBwGukQ) – Video

    U-ka Saegusa IN DB – Itsumo Sugao no Watashi de Itai

    U-ka Saegusa IN DB – Natsu no Owari ni Anata e no Tegami Kakitometeimasu

    Tokyo Girls’ Style – Bad Flower

    Tokyo Girls’ Style – Rock You!

    Posted by Hafizuddin B Mohamad | 121125, 9:00 PM
  99. Could you plase do a English translation of this one Chinese song 不是不满足 by A-Lin Huang.
    here is the link for the lyric http://www.jpopasia.com/celebrity/alinhuang/lyrics/xing-fu-liao-ran-hou-ne/bu-shi-bu-man-zu-not-unsatisfied::75430.html

    Posted by Siriluck Jenny Saenammat | 130204, 3:20 PM
  100. Hi, can I request an English translation of Monni – 너 떠나버린 그 집 앞 ? No need for romanization, I just want to know the meaning of the lyrics ^^ Here’s the hangul lyrics from mnet http://mnet.interest.me/track/2400660 Hope you can help, thank you so much! ^^

    Posted by thesquints | 130227, 9:55 AM
  101. Hello can u write the romanization this song

    謝和弦 R-chord – 每一個玩音樂的人 Music is our dream Feat.玖壹壹、陳零九 (華納 Official 高畫質 HD 官方完整版 MV)

    Posted by zhou | 170413, 6:38 AM

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