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SBS Gayo Daejeon 2010 Performances

SBS Gayo Daejeon 2010 just ended and woot I was pretty hyped to watch this, since I personally like SBS’s the best (based on experience from the past 2 yrs). I imagine these performance vids will be removed so I apologize if you try to watch these too late and they’re already gone XD CodeAnalysisSeasons2 … Continue reading

[REQUESTED] Hangeul + Romanized + Translated Lyrics to 2NE1’s ‘Go Away’

WAAAAH the next few posts will all be lyrics requests from CheYeongGi hahaha. First up, 2NE1’s ‘Go Away’. credit: MelOn + thelapan + moonlightunes Translated by orangie @ ygladies.com, Source: Daum TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT

[101008] KBS Music Bank: GaIn Solo Debut + Comebacks from miss A + U-KISS + 5tion

I am alive. Woot. Survived my first midterm this semester…I don’t think I did well though…>.< Hopefully my studying paid off. To be honest I'm more behind on kpop nowadays. I'm spending lots of time studying, reading, trying to figure out shiatz XD I'm cooped up in my room or at the library too much. … Continue reading

[101003] SBS Inkigayo: BEAST + J.Lim + Se7en + SHINee Comeback + Co-Ed Debut + Secret Goodbye

BEAST’s Comeback with ‘Clenching a Tight First’ + ‘Breathe’ ~~lovely performance for the ballad…and again, adore the choreo for the ‘breathe in breathe out’ part ~~Yoseob and his ad libs! Really great job! -Se7en with ‘I’m Going Crazy’ ~~this new song of his is more like his old style…i like. on another note, it very … Continue reading

[101001] KBS Music Bank: BEAST + SHINee+ Kim Bum Soo + J.Lim Comebacks + Co-Ed’s Debut + Secret’s Goodbye Stage

Hiya peoplez. Thought I’d make a MuBank post today. It’s OCTOBER. AKA uni hell month. I don’t have class on Fridays but I go to school for tutorials…then I went to the library for 4 hours to do my assignments. Yay. So much fun. Got home, ate, showered…and napped LOL. Woke up at 9pm after … Continue reading

[100926] SBS Inkigayo: BoA’s Comeback

Oh my god guys…first post in quite a while. I’m actually supposed to be reading my stats textbook right now…but clearly I’m not doing that. Decided to give myself a bit of a break XD I even skipped out on a huge social event yesternight to do an assignment. UGH. *bangs head on table* Went … Continue reading

MVs + Teasers: Taeyang + Miss A + Kang Mi Yeon + Son Dam Bi 4Minute + DNT

Taeyang has revealed the MV for ‘I Need a Girl’ ft. G-Dragon. The MV stars fellow YG family member Dara of 2NE1. Miss A, JYP’s new girlgroup, has revealed their debut MV for ‘Bad Girl, Good Girl’ Kang Mi Yeon has made a comeback with ‘Crazy’, featuring Mir and Lee Joon of MBLAQ Son Dam … Continue reading

Big Bang & 2NE1 @ MTV VMAJ + Performances

Big Bang was at MTV World Stage Video Music Awards Japan where they won Best New Artiste Video Award and Best Pop Video Award. G-Dragon also won Best Collaboration with w-inds for ‘Rain is Fallin” (love that song =P and w-inds too). Congrats to them! In addition, 2NE1 was there as international guests and performed … Continue reading

[100220] MBC Music Core 200th Episode Special

Didn’t do Mnet M! Countdown or KBS Music Bank, cuz I was busy (still am), but here’s today’s MBC Music Core. It’s their 200th episode special, so we’ve got a bunch of special perfs. =D Haven’t watched them yet but I will…eventually…XD Artists are performing their debut songs! SHINee + 2PM with ‘Dance History’ Under … Continue reading

Hangeul + Romanized Lyrics to 2NE1’s ‘Try to Be Like Me’

Hanguel and romanized lyrics to 2NE1’s newest single, ‘Try to Be Like Me’, which is produced by Teddy. The song is for a Samsung CF. Personally, the song has WAY too much autotune for my taste -.- uggh stupid autotune. so not necessary. credit: Mnet + thelapan + moonlightunes TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT