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Romanized+Translated Lyrics to Kim Bum’s ‘I’m Going To Meet You Now (지금 만나러 갑니다)’

YES LYRICS TO KIM BUM’S SONG FROM F4 SPECIAL EDITION OST =DDD The song’s called ‘I’m Going To Meet You Now (지금 만나러 갑니다)’ and I love Love LOVE it to death. Actually to tell the truth, I didn’t watch BoF when it came out, but I did dl the OSTs. I couldn’t help it … Continue reading

[090905] Boys Over Flowers Japan Fanmeet

The cast of of BoF were in Japan for the fanmeet. The event was held over the 5th and the 6th. This is including Lee Minho, Kim Bum, Goo Hye Sun, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon, AND Kim So Eun. Not only that, so were the rest of the members of T-Max and SS501! The … Continue reading

Most Wanted Men to Recieve a White Day Gift From

A poll held by Bugs Music was opened from the 2nd of March till the 9th for approx. 4000 votes. What the poll was on? Most Wanted Men to Recieve a White Day Gift From. If you really actually don’t know what  White Day is (wow) it’s a similar day to Valentine’s Day celebrated on … Continue reading

The Poor BOF Cast!

Boys Over Flowers is seriously seemingly cursed. Every main cast member has been a car accident, and then recently Jang Ja Yun committed suicide. What’s up with the show? Now there’s more trouble–due to the popularity of the show. Lee Minho, Kim Hyun Joong, and Goo Hye Sung have all been losing weight, not eating … Continue reading

Police Reveal Reason of Jang Ja Yun’s Death

  The police have revealed the reason of death for Jang Ja Yun’s unfortunate suicide yesterday. After investigations, the police said that the actress had been developing depressing since the car accident that killed her parents 10 years ago. She was in high school when this occurred. She was alright in life after inheriting the … Continue reading

Lee Minho for Levi’s; Picture Blast

Here’s a LOT of delicious eye candy for all you Lee Minho fans! The Boys Over Flowers actor looks way better with straight hair. Actually this half pama half straight look totally works on him too. The photos are for the Levi’s campaign with actress Moon Chae Won from the show Painter of the Wind. Even though the … Continue reading

Kim Bum in ESQUIRE

Boys Over Flowers’ Kim Bum was in a photoshoot for the March issue of the magazine ESQUIRE. Look at the Flower boy…so cute! I love his smile ^^ CREDIT: imop @ wordpress + daum; lovekoreastar; ripgal @ soompi

Jang Ja Yun from Cast of Boys Over Flowers Commits Suicide

Jang Ja Yun from the cast of Boys Over Flowers committed suicide today at her home in Bundang. She was 27. She played the role of Sunny in the popular kdrama that was part of the JinSunMi trio. The police stated: “Jang Ja Yun was found to have committed suicide in her own home today. She … Continue reading

F3 in Anycall Haptic Pop CF

F3 were in the Samsung Anycall Haptic CF. Which F3? Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, and Kim Joon from Boys Over Flowers. I wonder why Lee Minho isn’t in it…guess he’s too busy with the billion other CFs he has lined up? Anyway, the new line of phones are called Pop. The boys act so … Continue reading

MNet Top 100 Pretty Boys 2009

Here is Mnet Top 100 Pretty Boys 2009. I agree with some of these, and sme I’m sort of like…what? The list came out  last week I believe. Anyway, onto it… CREDIT: impo @ wordpress for the list and piccys #1 Lee Minho – of course one of the famous F4 of Boys Over Flowers. … Continue reading